capture life (continued)

Project life/365. That’s a lot of photos. A lot of photos!

But there are also many days I don’t feel like taking a photo and nothing exciting is going on so, I take a photo another day of something currently going on in our lives:

  • a book I am reading
  • a tv show I am watching
  • a receipt
  • a mess in our house
  • a project I am working on
  • homework
  • a selfie
  • a pair of shoes I am wearing at the moment
  • something to represent my workout lately
  • food I cooked
  • a favorite detail in my house
  • something outside – a sunset, a flower, a texture
  • something I love to eat
  • what is in my purse
  • a photo of a current news story
  • a photo from a photo challenge

And while these photos may seem mundane, they are often my favorite. These photos represent those stories that make up our everyday lives.

These sites are great for inspiration:


  • Capture Life-25 Capture Life-26 Capture Life-27 Capture Life-28 Capture Life-29 Capture Life-31 Capture Life-32 Capture Life-33 Capture Life-34Capture Life-35Capture Life-36Capture Life-37Capture Life-39

road trip finale

Don’t ask.Road Trip Day 3-20

Surviving on iced coffee from Starbucks.Road Trip Day 3-2

The Giant Prospector of Washoe Valley.Road Trip Day 3-3

Thank goodness there is a candy store right next door. So many decisions.Road Trip Day 3-4

Every flavor of salt water taffy you could ever imagine.Road Trip Day 3-5

Must have that one.Road Trip Day 3-6

Jumping across the Giant Poker Chips of Reno.Road Trip Day 3-7

Touching the Blarney Stone of Reno.Road Trip Day 3-8

Crossing beneath the infamous Reno sign.Road Trip Day 3-9

Before we left, Harry wanted to rock climb the wall next to the Reno sign that reaches to the clouds. Warming up.Road Trip Day 3-10

Starting the ascent.Road Trip Day 3-11

And up.Road Trip Day 3-12 Road Trip Day 3-13

Landing on the first leg of the journey.Road Trip Day 3-14

That tiny purple speck is Harry about 1/2 way up the second leg. People were cheering from across the street. He climbed vertically about 115′ (that is 140′ from street level). Crazy!Road Trip Day 3-15

Resting on the giant bike lock.Road Trip Day 3-16

Some sore fingers after that adventure, but all smiles. I am so impressed he got as far as he did, there is no way I could ever do that.Road Trip Day 3-17


What a great way to end the trip. Then, it was time for the long drive home.

road trip (cont…)

Pastries, coffee and Rubik’s for breakfast at the famous Erick Schat’s Bakery.Road Trip Day 2-1

There was a crazy bird who attacked anyone who walked by. Road Trip Day 2-2

Stopping for a little fishing.Road Trip Day 2-4 Road Trip Day 2-3Road Trip Day 2-5

The fish weren’t biting so we moved on and had a picnic at Mammoth Lakes. Harry decided to try his hand a whittling.Road Trip Day 2-6

And a game of Giant Jenga.Road Trip Day 2-8 Road Trip Day 2-9

The Upside down house in Lee Vining. Road Trip Day 2-10

And a brilliantly placed park next door.Road Trip Day 2-11 Road Trip Day 2-12

Sunset over Lake Tahoe.Road Trip Day 2-13

Harry has an obsession with flames/ lit candles at restaurants.Road Trip Day 2-14

He always has to blow them out. Always.Road Trip Day 2-15

Jumping at the Lake.Road Trip Day 2-16

Goodnight.Road Trip Day 2-17

road trip

We decided to make an adventure of our long road trip from San Diego to Reno. I found this brilliant website – Roadside America – the Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions. (They also have an app.) Our fun stops broke up our trip in just the right ways, allowing time to stretch, catching a slice of Americana, seeing areas/people we might never have seen, random art and oddities and so much more. Off we go….

The car is packed.Road Trip-1

The Muffler Man.Road Trip-2

Grape Day Park.Road Trip-3

The road trip driver.Road Trip-4

Big Gumby and Pokey.roadtrip-33

Living Ghost Town in Randsburg. We met some really neat people here.Road Trip-7 Road Trip-8 Road Trip-9 Road Trip-10 Road Trip-11 Road Trip-12 Road Trip-13 Road Trip-14 Road Trip-15 Road Trip-16 Road Trip-17 Road Trip-18 Road Trip-19

The UniRoyal Gal.roadtrip-34

The Give/Take Sculpture in Olancha.Road Trip-22 Road Trip-23 Road Trip-24

Harry gave a few Rainbow Loom bracelets he made. He looked in the take canister but decided not to take anything.roadtrip-35

“Be kind not right.”Road Trip-27 Road Trip-28 Road Trip-29

Pit stop.Road Trip-30

Nightmare rock is not so scary.Road Trip-31

A stop in Bishop.Road Trip-32

And day one is complete.



project life/ 365 – week 22 (part 1)

The last day of school. Testing their towers (they made of toothpicks, wax paper and glue) for strength and durability.Week 22-2

Patrick explaining the forces involved in the collapse.Week 22-3

The final demolition.Week 22-4

Movie time – How to Train Your Dragon2 with friends (including his collection of Rainbow Loomed dragons.)Week 22-5

A fusebead Minecraft Sword creation.Week 22-6

Celebrating Father’s Day at Safari Park. Tigers.Week 22-7 Week 22-8 Week 22-9 Week 22-10

My boys.Week 22-16

Isn’t this what Fatherhood is all about?Week 22-12

Harry trying coffee for the first time.Week 22-13

Here is what he thought. Please help us.Week 22-14

capture life

Capture Life-1

What do I do with all those photos of our lives? I make a photo book, of course. “Capture Life” is what I named my Project Life Book for 2012. After years of capturing our daily lives in a scrapbook form, I wanted to switch to a digital version.

I created a digital template and input photos, project life cards, embellishments and journalling in Photoshop. Then I organized my pages to create a book with Blurb in a 12×12 format.

You can find various templates, project life cards and embellishments all over, but my favorites include:

Capture Life-2 Capture Life-3 Capture Life-4 Capture Life-5 Capture Life-6 Capture Life-15 Capture Life-8 Capture Life-9 Capture Life-10 Capture Life-11 Capture Life-12

project life/365 – Week 21 (part 2)

A day at the Fair.Week 21-25

A sampling of the fine delicacies at the Fair – potato chips on a stick.Week 21-23

Carnival games.Week 21-24

Jump.Week 21-51 Week 21-20

Rides.Week 21-27

Butterflies with butterfly whisperer.Week 21-29 Week 21-30 Week 21-32 Week 21-33 Week 21-34

Playing instruments from the ranch.Week 21-21

Being silly.Week 21-35

Food, food and more food.Week 21-36

More rides.Week 21-38

Patrick found a place to sit and relax.Week 21-39

The joy of a new carnival game prize.Week 21-41

Can’t get enough of the photo booths.Week 21-43

A selfie.Week 21-50

The Fair at night.Week 21-45

project life/365 – week 21 (part 1)

This was one crazy, fun busy week.

Someone finagled me into buying this giant inflatable fish at the grocery store.Week 21-1

Dave and Busters.Week 21-3

Harry ran out of coins in about 10 minutes flat. So then he just pretended to play.Week 21-4 Week 21-5

What to get with all those tickets?Week 21-6

Crazy straw glass were a must.Week 21-7

Field trip to the science museum. Week 21-11 Week 21-12 Week 21-14 Week 21-16

Don’t ask.Week 21-17

project life/365 – week 20

Playing pool for the first time and he won. Must be beginners luck. Week 20-2 Week 20-3

Harry interviewed a remarkable octogenarian for a paper for school. Week 20-1

Volunteering to help organize the library at my son’s school reminded me of my childhood obsession. I couldn’t get enough of these Nancy Drew books. Week 20-7

Don’t ask. Seriously. This is somehow Harry working on his paper for school. hmmm..Week 20-4

He is so funny. Week 20-5

project life/365 – week 19

Drawing a mean, angry squid.Week 19-7

The purple colored squid doesn’t look so scary and mean.Week 19-2

Something is wrong in the universe. Raja is on Moomba’s tower. This is just pure trouble.Week 19-3

Enjoying his favorite drink – a Fanta at our favorite Burger joint.Week 19-4

We created a list of things Harry needed and wanted to accomplish over the weekend (along with a little Hangman). Please notice his “Drive Mom Crazy.”Week 19-5