halloween happenings – a photo book

Halloween Photo Book-1

Halloween/October has so many opportunities for photos:

  • making costumes
  • costumes
  • pumpkin patches
  • fall festivals
  • carving pumpkins
  • painting pumpkins
  • pumpkin lattes/pies/roasting pumpkin seeds.etc.
  • Halloween books
  • Halloween art
  • Halloween/October decor
  • outside decorations
  • jack o’ lanterns
  • trick or treating
  • the candy
  • spooky flashlight photos
  • October skies/ moon
  • parties
  • and so much more….

Halloween Photo Book-2 Halloween Photo Book-3 Halloween Photo Book-4 Halloween Photo Book-5 Halloween Photo Book-6 Halloween Photo Book-7 Halloween Photo Book-8 Halloween photo book-13 Halloween Photo Book-10 Halloween photo book-14 Halloween Photo Book-12

This photo book was made through Paper Coterie, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. I still wanted to share because it is a great example of using basic blocks of color, Halloween quotes and simple layouts to create a fun book representing October/ Halloween adventures.


halloween photo cubes

Halloween photo cubes-1Another holiday, another excuse for photo cubes. Can you hear me singing “I just can’t get enough?”. You can see my other cubes here and here.

Halloween cube photo ideas:

pumpkin patch adventures
pumpkin carving
Halloween carnivals
Halloween/ costume parties
Halloween art
spooky looking skies

Start by using 2″ square cubes from Michaels, JoAnn’s or even online.  Cut various patterned Halloween paper into 2″ x 2″ squares. Find those precious October/ Halloween photos and cut into 2″ x 2″ squares. Adhere with Modge Podge or Aleene’s tacky glue using a foam brush. Finally, you have the perfect Halloween keepsake for a table or shelf.


disneyland – day 2 and 3

Day 2.

We might be just a wee bit excited about a Starbucks in Downtown Disney.Disneyland-11

There is this awesome board that makes a chalk outline of what it sees (us), but also allows you to draw on it. Simultaneously, there is a small screen showing the scene in Orlando that is doing the same there. You can make the small screen bigger and play with the people in the Orlando Starbucks. Too cool.Disneyland-12

Do you see us? I am the one with the camera.Disneyland-13

That’s me with Mickey Ears.Disneyland-14

We really are at the front of the line at opening of California Adventure.Disneyland-15

Those are my brave boys on California Screamin’.Disneyland-16

More Toy Story Mania. We can not get enough.Disneyland-17 Disneyland-18

Luigi’s Flying Tires. “Go right, go right.”Disneyland-19

Pluto Lovin’.Disneyland-20

Have you had the Mickey shaped beignets? Delicious!Disneyland-21

You can tell how good they are just by the mess. Disneyland-22

A Lego store stop is always a must.Disneyland-23

Rubber Duck races at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.Disneyland-24

Harry’s rubber duck might have won if only it had not gotten stuck and needed a rescue.Disneyland-25

Rock climbing.Disneyland-26


Parade time with Frozone.Disneyland-28

Nightime at Disneyland.Disneyland-29

Day 3.

Enjoying the fireworks one last time before checking out.Disneyland-30

Autotopia. Watch out, looks who’s driving.Disneyland-31

The Power City game. Disneyland-32

Animation class.Disneyland-33

Time to go home is always sad. Until our next trip to Disneyland…..

disneyland – day 1

We’re at Disneyland!!Disneyland-1

I wonder what I think is so funny but I am sure Harry is doing something crazy. (Patrick took this one).Disneyland-2

He just looks mischievous.Disneyland-3

At the Disneyland Hotel (taking a break from the heat).Disneyland-4

Do we resemble Walt?Disneyland-5

Toy Story Mania.Disneyland-6

“Dad, I am totally going to beat you this time.”Disneyland-7

Mickey Darth Vader? May the force be with you!Disneyland-8

Ice cream at the Cozy Cone Motel.Disneyland-9

Enjoying a silly cat video back at the hotel.Disneyland-10

discovery science center

Experimenting with light waves.Discovery Science Center-1

A magic harp.Discovery Science Center-2

Creating clouds.Discovery Science Center-3 Discovery Science Center-4

A hockey exhibit where we see how difficult it is to be a goalie with foam hockey pucks flying at you.Discovery Science Center-5

I rocked (well at least I had the highest score of my family). Future hockey star? Probably not.Discovery Science Center-6

Harry as hockey player – smushed face and all.Discovery Science Center-7

The Mythbusters exhibit.  Practicing our tablecloth removal skills.Discovery Science Center-8

Patrick could hang for a crazy, long time. Discovery Science Center-9

Trying out the Flatulence Chair.Discovery Science Center-10

Can you change clothes in a phone booth like a superhero?Discovery Science Center-11

Super Hero Harry arrived, but not in super hero speed.Discovery Science Center-12

Hanging on the phone book swing. amazing.Discovery Science Center-13

Dinosaur Quest. We love treasure hunts.Discovery Science Center-14

A wind tunnel. Harry as an airplane.Discovery Science Center-15

Patrick experiencing hurricane force winds.Discovery Science Center-16

Harry was obsessed with the grocery shopping game.Discovery Science Center-17

I think he played this game at least 5 times and he would have kept going had we not been trying to get to Disneyland.Discovery Science Center-18 Discovery Science Center-19

Goofball.Discovery Science Center-20

project life/365 – week 31 and 32

A Lego Architecture building fest. Cat included.Week 31 and 32-1

Harry on a painting mission.Week 31 and 32-2

A sample of his paintings – practice with furry animals.Week 31 and 32-3 Week 31 and 32-4

Tree climbing.Week 31 and 32-5

An Amazing Race game challenge – eating jello with no hands. It was not pretty.Week 31 and 32-6

Oh yeah! Right there.Week 31 and 32-7

Teaching my husband how to take a nice picture of me.Week 31 and 32-8

Patrick’s birthday celebration.Week 31 and 32-9

A new Starbucks mug.Week 31 and 32-10

A card from the cats. They are so silly.Week 31 and 32-11

Harry explaining to Dad how much he could help him with his new Lego architecture set.Week 31 and 32-12

Harry’s gift to dad. A diorama with a Rainbow Loom super dad!Week 31 and 32-13 Week 31 and 32-14

He loved it!Week 31 and 32-15