project life/365 – week 42

Reading to his bear.Week 42-1

Learning CPR at a science fair. It is hard work.Week 42-2

Riding a giant robotic giraffe.Week 42-3

Harry and his buddy.Week 42-4

Halloween Carnival at school. The cotton candy is oh so good.Week 42-5

..and fun to play with. By the way, he is dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2.Week 42-6

The Halloween conga line.Week 42-7

The Solar eclipse.Week 42-8

Snuggling on the couch watching tv.Week 42-9

That sky!Week 42-30

project life/365 – weeks 39,40 and 41

I see you.Week 39, 40 and 41-1

Field trip to Cabrillo Monument.Week 39, 40 and 41-2 Week 39, 40 and 41-3

Field study drawing.Week 39, 40 and 41-4

Wacky glasses.Week 39, 40 and 41-5

Sunset.Week 39, 40 and 41-6

Food art.Week 39, 40 and 41-7

Another fantastic sunset.Week 39, 40 and 41-8

The birds. The birds.Week 39, 40 and 41-9

Monopoly game night.Week 39, 40 and 41-10

Dave and Buster. Game time.Week 39, 40 and 41-11

Boys will be boys.Week 39, 40 and 41-12

iPad time with a snuggly kitty.Week 39, 40 and 41-14

Rainbow looming with a rabbit fur on his head. Weird.Week 39, 40 and 41-15

A staring contest with a snake.Week 39, 40 and 41-16

project life/365 – week 38

A Renaissance Fair and pirates? Pirates are always willing to give a hard time.Week 38-5

“Walking the plank.”Week 38-6

How do I look as a mermaid?Week 38-7

And there were birds….Week 38-8

And fairies….Week 38-9

And sword practice (without real swords).Week 38-10

Harry’s Laser Tag Birthday Party.Week 38-11

Having a hard day.Week 38-13

Playing with the iPhone. When Raja sits likes this it reminds of me of Al Bundy ( from Married with Children).Week 38-12

His last day as 9. Being sad.Week 38-14

Kitty play time.Week 38-15

Harry’s 10th birthday.Week 38-16 Week 38-17

Organizing his rainbow loom bands into a giant rainbow of color.Week 38-18

Think he is happy about turning 10?Week 38-19 Week 38-20

Time to make a wish.Week 38-21

project life/365 – week 37

It’s important to find a corner on the floor to curl up and study for a vocabulary test.Week 37-5

Playing with my new iPhone 6. Life is good for Moomba.Week 37-9

Playing with clay. A calico kitty face.Week 37-16

And a koi fish.Week 37-15

A pet fest.Week 37-6

I swear this cat thinks he is human, eating from the counter.Week 38-1

I don’t know how well this cupcake making is going.Week 38-3

But someone is enjoying the fruits of his labors.Week 38-2

End result, 48 cupcakes cooked, decorated and chilling in the fridge.Week 38-4

Our Wild Elf

2013 was Elfie’s most creative year yet.

He arrived via hot air ballon.Elf 2013-1

Trying to get us in the christmas spirit with a christmas tree made of Solo cups.Elf 2013-2

And he added a little Christmas decor to Harry’s room.Elf 2013-3

A forest of marshmallow snowmen.Elf 2013-4

Q-tip snowflakes.Elf 2013-5

Playing poker with the his buddies, gambling jelly bellies and tic tacs.Elf 2013-6

Several rounds of tic-tac-toe on the mirrors.Elf 2013-7

Looks like he got caught TPing the tree.Elf 2013-8

Marshmallow messages.Elf 2013-9

Dreaming of a beach vacation.Elf 2013-10

Oops he must have made somebody unhappy.Elf 2013-11

Surprise! Elfie wrapped the toilet.Elf 2013-12

Ready to workout and “pump it up”.Elf 2013-13

Weee! Let’s swing.Elf 2013-14

Elfie auditioning for The Voice. Hope they all turn around.Elf 2013-15

An Elfie Kissing Booth.Elf 2013-16

A crazy snowflake making machine.Elf 2013-17

That is some serious talent- Star Wars with Yoda, R2D2, Clone Troopers and Frozen’s Olaf. Elf 2013-18

A sea of Lego Snowmen.Elf 2013-19

Elfie and his reindeer.Elf 2013-20

Candy Cane Lanes bowling.Elf 2013-21 Elf 2013-22

Ready for some Ninja Gingerbread cookie making.Elf 2013-23

Is that Harry Potter?Elf 2013-24

A photo booth photo shoot.Elf 2013-25 Elf 2013-26

Discovering Elfie texting Santa.Elf 2013-27

A rockin’, wild disco light party.Elf 2013-28

More Elf Escapades

In 2012, our Elf got wilder and more creative with his escapades.

Elfie, our crazy elf, arrived via climbing the windows with suction cups.Elf 2012-1

Playing Battleship, although he seems more concerned about spelling his name.Elf 2012-2

He colored the hotel mirrors with reindeer noses and elf hats all over the mirrors.Elf 2012-3

We found Elfie watching Christmas movies and popcorn all over the floor from the kitchen to the living room.Elf 2012-4

It looks like a game of Scrabble solely using Christmas words.Elf 2012-5

Elfie continued to send us messages with scrabble tiles.Elf 2012-6

Enjoying some hot chocolate with a crazy straw and marshmallows every where.Elf 2012-7

One mischievous Elf replaced all our Christmas stockings with underwear. Elf 2012-8

Elfie is also very crafty as he created a pipe cleaner version of himself.Elf 2012-9

One day he showed up with this straw building set. Elf 2012-10

And kept creating new structures.Elf 2012-11

Then he took all our framed photos and colored Elf outfits on each of us.Elf 2012-12

He and his cohorts in crime playing Munchkin.Elf 2012-13

It looks like a wild party night that ended with a Christmas tree made out of light up bracelet sticks.Elf 2012-14

Elf Escapades

The 2011 adventures of Elfie, our Christmas Elf……

He arrived by zip line.Elf 2011-1

The gloves must go along with his sock obsession.Elf 2011-2

weeee. A ride on the the fan is must.Elf 2011-3

Snowball fight with marshmallows and pillows as bunkers.Elf 2011-4

Fishing.Elf 2011-5

Decorating the tree with socks.Elf 2011-6

Wearing new slippers. Elf 2011-7

An “Elfie Jar”. Just like at school, for every compliment the jar fills with poof balls. When the jar is full they get a class party. Elfie appears to believe he already deserves a party.Elf 2011-8

Elfie dressed the bear in his pajamas and slippers.Elf 2011-9

Elfie is quite the artist.Elf 2011-10

Our Elf couldn’t resist the underwear tree.Elf 2011-11

Cooking smores over the candles.Elf 2011-12