capture life (continued)

Project life/365. That’s a lot of photos. A lot of photos!

But there are also many days I don’t feel like taking a photo and nothing exciting is going on so, I take a photo another day of something currently going on in our lives:

  • a book I am reading
  • a tv show I am watching
  • a receipt
  • a mess in our house
  • a project I am working on
  • homework
  • a selfie
  • a pair of shoes I am wearing at the moment
  • something to represent my workout lately
  • food I cooked
  • a favorite detail in my house
  • something outside – a sunset, a flower, a texture
  • something I love to eat
  • what is in my purse
  • a photo of a current news story
  • a photo from a photo challenge

And while these photos may seem mundane, they are often my favorite. These photos represent those stories that make up our everyday lives.

These sites are great for inspiration:


  • Capture Life-25 Capture Life-26 Capture Life-27 Capture Life-28 Capture Life-29 Capture Life-31 Capture Life-32 Capture Life-33 Capture Life-34Capture Life-35Capture Life-36Capture Life-37Capture Life-39

Summer Fun-1Summer is here. School is out. It’s time to relax a little.

But with summer comes the “I’m bored.”  Several years ago, I created a book/binder for my son filled with ideas, inspiration, how-to’s, anything that came to mind to stop the words “I’m bored” ever being uttered out of his precious mouth. The book was a huge success so I decided to update and expand it.

Summer Fun-29

My goal was not to tell him what to do, but rather to inspire him to make, to do, to try, etc.

Here are some possible ideas to include:

1. Reminding them about toys/kits that are in their closet.

2. Pinterest has a wealth of ideas for projects/art  – zentangles, cork art, recycled art, string art, paint techniques, duct tape creations, rainbow loom creatures, fuse beads
(perler beads) patterns, bubbles

3. Websites with great projects:

4. Try new things –  make a comic, play in Garage Band, Art RageSketch Up, Scratch Programming, learn Adobe Photoshop, Khan Academy, Geocaching, learn coding at, learn to play solitaire, Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, a random act of kindness

5. Learn – about an animal, a place you want to go, a time in history, Harry Potter spells

There are so many ideas you can put in a book like this – it is limitless.

Here is a little of what Harry’s Book of Summer Fun looks like:

A list of 100 Ideas:Summer Fun-3 Summer Fun-4 Summer Fun-5 Summer Fun-6

Added tabs for items with more information or photos.Summer Fun-7 Summer Fun-31 Summer Fun-8

How to make a Zentangle. (doodling)Summer Fun-9

pattern examples.Summer Fun-12


Inspiration.Summer Fun-13

More inspiration.Summer Fun-11

Something a little different with doodling.Summer Fun-10

Examples of what to do with old trash and broken branches.Summer Fun-14 Summer Fun-15

Science experiments.Summer Fun-16

Reminding my son about the cool stuff in his closet.Summer Fun-17

Yes, even Minecraft but with challenges!!Summer Fun-18

String Art.Summer Fun-19

Fuse beads (Perler Beads).Summer Fun-20

Pet Rock.Summer Fun-21

Admitting the embarrassing amount of corks my son insists on collecting.Summer Fun-22

Combining recycled objects and robots.Summer Fun-23

Paint ideas.Summer Fun-24

Duct Tape.Summer Fun-25

Shadow Puppets.Summer Fun-27

A shadow box with Lego guys.Summer Fun-28

And here is Harry already creating from his new book. He has already admitted there is no way that there is enough time to create, discover, learn all the fun stuff in the next 3 months.Summer Fun-30


Enjoy summer!!!





the power of women

enhanced-buzz-wide-11785-1392163388-11    Tara Moore / Getty Images

Do you think our great grandparents, our grandparents or even our parents had any idea what we (as women) would look like today? What do you imagine they would think?

Getty Images in conjunction with assembled thousands of photos of women with the idea of documenting powerful women in our contemporary world. These images hope to change the way we look at women.

The images made me swell up with pride. Look at who we are and what we can become. We are not limited. We are a force. We are to be celebrated for our uniqueness and our accomplishments. What a powerful project!


finding the right fit

Click Magazine-1While I love taking photos, sometimes I get in a rut and need inspiration or I think everything feels the same so I want to try new things and learn new techniques. But where to go? Often it is Pinterest, or a new online article, or perusing the book store but there is something about magazines that call to me. I don’t know if it is the pictures or the articles or even the advertisements or the combination of all those elements together. Photography magazines have beautiful photos of landscapes, interesting people and exotic animals but they don’t necessarily talk about capturing the story of the everyday. I finally found a magazine that was meant for me – Click Magazine. Click is the perfect combination of narrative, photography techniques, use of light, inspiration and so much more. There are six issues a year and I anxiously await each one. Click Magazine is a great place to start for people looking to tell stories through photos and improve their photography skills.