project life/365 – week 43

Just trying to catch up on the last weeks of 2014.

Playing in the pumpkins.Week 43-2

This goat demonstrated some serious determination for that carrot.Week 43-1

And Harry was determined he was going to haul all the pumpkins.Week 43-3

Which one to pick?Week 43-4

Figuring the way through the corn maze.Week 43-5

On a search for “Spookley” the square pumpkin.Week 43-6

Pumpkin carving time.Week 43-7

Harry = Toothless, Mary = koi fish, Patrick = pirateWeek 43-8

Halloween silliness.Week 43-9 Week 43-10 Week 43-11

Searching for magnetite.Week 43-12

Winding down after a long day of fun and candy.Week 43-13


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