project life/365 – week 44

Experimenting with hair gel. I think we should all be scared.
Week 44-29

Scrabble with a cat in the box.Week 44-2

The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book is a huge hit. Week 44-4Week 44-3

Harry as Pen Beard – the pirate.Week 44-28

As we were making slime, Harry pretending it was gross.
Week 44-30

A Snail Soup can –  but not just any ordinary Snail Soup, it is actually a secret compartment for holding treasures. Shhh….(from the Made by Dad book).
Week 44-31

First time holding bunnies.Week 44-8

“I can get it.”Week 44-9

Gathering supplies for the fort.Week 44-10

It’s a Coleman Box Troll.Week 44-11


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