project life/365 – week 42

Reading to his bear.Week 42-1

Learning CPR at a science fair. It is hard work.Week 42-2

Riding a giant robotic giraffe.Week 42-3

Harry and his buddy.Week 42-4

Halloween Carnival at school. The cotton candy is oh so good.Week 42-5

..and fun to play with. By the way, he is dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2.Week 42-6

The Halloween conga line.Week 42-7

The Solar eclipse.Week 42-8

Snuggling on the couch watching tv.Week 42-9

That sky!Week 42-30


project life/365 – weeks 39,40 and 41

I see you.Week 39, 40 and 41-1

Field trip to Cabrillo Monument.Week 39, 40 and 41-2 Week 39, 40 and 41-3

Field study drawing.Week 39, 40 and 41-4

Wacky glasses.Week 39, 40 and 41-5

Sunset.Week 39, 40 and 41-6

Food art.Week 39, 40 and 41-7

Another fantastic sunset.Week 39, 40 and 41-8

The birds. The birds.Week 39, 40 and 41-9

Monopoly game night.Week 39, 40 and 41-10

Dave and Buster. Game time.Week 39, 40 and 41-11

Boys will be boys.Week 39, 40 and 41-12

iPad time with a snuggly kitty.Week 39, 40 and 41-14

Rainbow looming with a rabbit fur on his head. Weird.Week 39, 40 and 41-15

A staring contest with a snake.Week 39, 40 and 41-16

project life/365 – week 38

A Renaissance Fair and pirates? Pirates are always willing to give a hard time.Week 38-5

“Walking the plank.”Week 38-6

How do I look as a mermaid?Week 38-7

And there were birds….Week 38-8

And fairies….Week 38-9

And sword practice (without real swords).Week 38-10

Harry’s Laser Tag Birthday Party.Week 38-11

Having a hard day.Week 38-13

Playing with the iPhone. When Raja sits likes this it reminds of me of Al Bundy ( from Married with Children).Week 38-12

His last day as 9. Being sad.Week 38-14

Kitty play time.Week 38-15

Harry’s 10th birthday.Week 38-16 Week 38-17

Organizing his rainbow loom bands into a giant rainbow of color.Week 38-18

Think he is happy about turning 10?Week 38-19 Week 38-20

Time to make a wish.Week 38-21

project life/365 – week 37

It’s important to find a corner on the floor to curl up and study for a vocabulary test.Week 37-5

Playing with my new iPhone 6. Life is good for Moomba.Week 37-9

Playing with clay. A calico kitty face.Week 37-16

And a koi fish.Week 37-15

A pet fest.Week 37-6

I swear this cat thinks he is human, eating from the counter.Week 38-1

I don’t know how well this cupcake making is going.Week 38-3

But someone is enjoying the fruits of his labors.Week 38-2

End result, 48 cupcakes cooked, decorated and chilling in the fridge.Week 38-4

project life/365 – week 18


Harry hiding at the slight mention of a haircut. Seriously?Week 18-8

Sword fights with friends.Week 18-9

My boys singing to Johnny Cash’s ” Ring of Fire” at a karaoke party.Week 18-11

Making “Magic Mud” for a science experiment at school. Extracting the starch from the potatoes.Week 18-2

The leftover starch which creates the mud.Week 18-4

The mud.Week 18-5

Adding the quinine so it can glow in the dark.Week 18-6

Bending glow-in-the-dark magic mud. Week 18-7

Harry’s own Rainbow Loom design of Rath from Ben 10.Week 18-12

project life/365 – 12

This last week has been rough as we lost our sweet baby girl – Syberia.

Good-bye princess! I imagine her dancing among the grass chasing butterflies.PM7_6503

And some photos from this week….

The lone Elmo lost on the bench waiting for his home.Week 12-1

Our shadows.Week 12-2

Harry pretending to be grouchy dad. Watch out! Week 12-3

We still seem to be in the rainbow loom dragon phase. Meet Thunderdrom.Week 12-4

My goofy boys at dinner.Week 12-5

Science night at school – testing the laws of physics of force and pressure with a balloon.Week 12-6

On a field trip. Art at UCSD.Week 12-7

Hope you have a good weekend.

week in the life

What does a week in your life look like?

Week in the Life-2-Edit

For years, I have been taking one week of a year and going in depth with what a week looks like for our family, inspired by Ali Edwards. I usually take a week where I know it will be a fairly ordinary, average week (if that actually exists).

The following are examples of what I photograph and document:

  • what we are eating for breakfast
  • what morning hair looks like
  • the drive to school
  • what the pets are doing
  • what each of us is working on
  • what lunch looks like
  • what books we are reading
  • what school looks like
  • what projects my child is working on at school
  • what dinner looks like
  • what the nighttime routine looks like
  • what tv we are each watching
  • what shoes we are wearing
  • what hobbies/projects we are working on
  • what grocery shopping looks like
  • what receipts look like
  • what we are buying
  • what games we are playing
  • favorite toys
  • funny/ interesting facebook posts
  • what is  on our computers
  • laundry
  • the weather
  • friends
  • selfie photos
  • appts.
  • things we like
  • things we are struggling with
  • things that are motivating us
  • workouts
  • sports
  • sports practice
  • outside the window
  • gas prices
  • cleaning
  • lists
  • notes
  • asking questions of my family – what made you happy today? this week? what made you sad? what was your favorite part of the week? favorite moments?etc…

The list goes on and on. You will be amazed with all the parts that make up your story.

Week in the Life-1 Week in the Life-3-Edit Week in the Life-4-Edit Week in the Life-5-Edit Week in the Life-6-Edit Week in the Life-7-Edit Week in the Life-8-Edit Week in the Life-9-Edit Week in the Life-10-Edit Week in the Life-11-Edit Week in the Life-12-Edit Week in the Life-13-Edit Week in the Life-14-Edit Week in the Life-15-Edit Week in the Life-16-Edit Week in the Life-17-Edit Week in the Life-18-Edit Week in the Life-20 Week in the Life-21

I used Ali Edward 8.5 x 11 templates for my pages. Once I created my digital pages I put them together at Adoramapix. The quality of the book is just incredible – the vibrance of colors and clarity with thick lay flat pages.  This is one of my favorite photo book printers! My one and only complaint with the company having very specific page count restriction is now gone, you can choose exactly how many pages work for you (up to 76 pages). This project is so worth it!