project life/365 – week 38

A Renaissance Fair and pirates? Pirates are always willing to give a hard time.Week 38-5

“Walking the plank.”Week 38-6

How do I look as a mermaid?Week 38-7

And there were birds….Week 38-8

And fairies….Week 38-9

And sword practice (without real swords).Week 38-10

Harry’s Laser Tag Birthday Party.Week 38-11

Having a hard day.Week 38-13

Playing with the iPhone. When Raja sits likes this it reminds of me of Al Bundy ( from Married with Children).Week 38-12

His last day as 9. Being sad.Week 38-14

Kitty play time.Week 38-15

Harry’s 10th birthday.Week 38-16 Week 38-17

Organizing his rainbow loom bands into a giant rainbow of color.Week 38-18

Think he is happy about turning 10?Week 38-19 Week 38-20

Time to make a wish.Week 38-21


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