Project Life/ 365 – 9

Hope you had a great week!

Love being silly. And who doesn’t adore photobooths?Week 9-13  The big show is finally here! Week 9-8 A Night on Broadway.Week 9-1 Emcee Hammer is in the house.Week 9-2 These kids rocked!Week 9-3 Science Festival – Harry creating a double helix (with foam noodles).Week 9-4 And posing with a Martian dude.Week 9-5 Studying the effects of air pressure and gravity.Week 9-6 An origami DNA strand.Week 9-7 And the science inspiration continued at home.Week 9-10 After watching Between the Folds ( a movie about origami), Harry started experimenting with more abstract objects.Week 9-12Guess who is not very excited about getting his hair cut? Too funny!Week 9-11

We are off on adventures. See you next week!



colored design

hawaii book-1

With a trip to Hawaii, I wanted to capture, the bright colored flowers, the vibrance of the blue sky and the festive feel so this book was about color. This book measures 8.75 x 11.25 landscape, lay flat pages by My Publisher. The quality of the book and photos is outstanding. I created my pages in Adobe Photoshop using digital patterned paper with color overlays. Each page included a simple tropical border and Ali’s Hand font. Since the pages were bright, if the photos were not full page or very large, I used a black border around the smaller photos to help them stand out on the page.

A little tip: I often pick up artistic postcards on trips and use them for covers or page decoration.

Here are some of the pages from our Hawaii 2011 book:

Title page – Location and dates.hawaii book-2 The rent-a-car and arriving at the hotel.hawaii book-3  The view from the room and an activity at the hotel.hawaii book-5 Details.hawaii book-6 Water slides and snorkeling.hawaii book-7 Jacuzzi and antics in the hotel room.hawaii book-8 A new outfit.hawaii book-9 A selfie.hawaii book-10 A loose tooth and stopping at Starbucks.hawaii book-11 Details at the USS Bowfin museum.hawaii book-12 The USS Arizona Memorial.hawaii book-13 A scenic shot and thoughts about witnessing this piece of history.hawaii book-14 A Luau.hawaii book-15 More details.hawaii book-16 Dancing at the luau.hawaii book-17 Learning the hula and fire dancing.hawaii book-18 Breakfast.hawaii book-19 Paddleboarding.hawaii book-20 Enjoying the beach.hawaii book-21 Playing.hawaii book-22 More playing.hawaii book-23 He lost his first tooth.hawaii book-24 Thanksgiving dinner.hawaii book-25 Hawaiian crafts.hawaii book-26 The Nui (a little luau).hawaii book-27 Visiting the North Shore.hawaii book-28 Lunch and stories.hawaii book-29 Iconic images of the North Shore.hawaii book-30 Another sunset and details.hawaii book-31 The Art.hawaii book-32 Swimming.hawaii book-33 Leaving and heading home.hawaii book-34 A collage of all the paraphernalia – tickets, map, postcards, certificates, wristbands, brochures, receipts, etc.hawaii book-35

Don’t be afraid to use color, but I did find that the pages with a bit more muted tones worked much better than some of the bright, over powering colors.

Project Life/365 – Week 8

Sorry I have been sick but I am back.

Yes. The rubik’s cube has finally been solved in our household! Time for sushi! Week 8-10Everyone needs a brain hat.Week 8-2 Or perhaps an origami Pikachu hat is your style.Week 8-3 The funniest thing ever or the most bizarre thing ever?Week 8-4 Elaborate plans for a leprechaun trap.Week 8-5 And the building/ painting commences.Week 8-6 The trap. Week 8-7 The leprechaun did not leave us gold but left us with green toilet water, green milk for our cereal, shampoo in the refrigerator and mustard in the shower – hmm…..Week 8-8 A little ping-pong on the dining table.Week 8-11

Have a fabulous weekend!!

project life/365 – 7

What a crazy week!

A zoo of rainbow loom animals – a seal, an alligator, a snake, a peacock, a fox and two dragons.Week 7-1 Building. Learning to use a staple gun.Week 7-3 She’s back! and feeling good (for now)- day by day.Week 7-4 A rainbow sherbet sunset.Week 7-9 Talking on a phone on a ladder? He’s a professional so please do not try this at home.Week 7-6 The set.  Loaded-in and ready. Time to nap.Week 7-7 Working on homework (with a little help).Week 7-8Origami is cool but gold papered origami is even cooler.Week 7-2

Have a great relaxing weekend!

cubin’ it

Block Project-1

Photo cubes are all the rage these days and they add of touch of personality to your decor. You can pick up blocks here and you can also find them at one of the craft stores, Michael’s, Jo-Anns, etc. After finding some of my favorite photos, I printed them out in 2 inch squares, cut them out, put Modge Podge on the back of the photo and the face of the cube to adhere them, added some patterned paper on a couple of sides and a few rub-ons (you could also handwrite some details or love notes or add even more photos). It really is a quick, easy project to display those photos and stories.Block Project-2 Block Project-3 Block Project-4

project life/365 – 6

Another crazy week.

The storm approaching. Week 6-18 Much needed rain.Week 6-20 Rain = snuggling.Week 6-19 Making a sharks tooth ( with water, flour and vegetable oil).Week 6-14 The sharks tooth.Week 6-15 Origami time.Week 6-11 One of many creations.Week 6-10 Trying to sew a gigantic drape (with a lot of help).Week 6-9 Harry tasting coconut milk – don’t think he liked it much. (Did you know that you can split a coconut in half to make a musical instrument that sounds like horse hooves?).Week 6-8 Artwork left after the storm.Week 6-7 Encountered this scene when walking into the bathroom.Week 6-5 I guess you need lego mini figures just in case.Week 6-6 Harry has been a bit obsessed with hexaflexagons. You can check them out here and here.Week 6-1 Artwork from school. I have always wanted to try melting crayons – looks so fun and colorful!Week 6-2 Baby girl kitty is very sick. Thinking this might be the last time I have this sweet snuggle with her.Week 6-4 An incredible sunset.Week 6-3

Hope you are having a fun, adventurous weekend.

elements of a photo book

Catalina Book-1

A long weekend camping with friends captured in a photo book. I used My Publisher and they are definitely one of my favorite photo book companies. Their lay flat option up to 100 pages allows for more pages than most companies and the quality of their pages is fabulous! My pictures come out the way I intended – clear, vibrant and detailed.

I designed my own pages in Adobe Photoshop for more flexibility.

A couple of details that make a book easy to create:

I also added quotes and phrases from Ali Edwards that seemed to work with this adventure. ( Go Outside, Camping, We Word Art Brushes, This Journey Called Life )

Photographs to keep in mind while camping:

  • the journey there
  • the campsite
  • scenic shots from a hike
  • nature – plants, animals, rocks, trees, flowers
  • stories of kids or adults playing – games, adventures
  • discoveries – footprints, bugs, etc.
  • the stars and sky
  • sunrise or sunset
  • the food
  • evening around the campfire ( pump up your ISO and turn down your aperture)
  • maps of the area
  • the trip home

Here is a sampling of pages from my book:

A title page including the date of our adventure.Catalina Book-2 A quote and the story.Catalina Book-30The journey there.Catalina Book-3 Waiting for everyone.Catalina Book-4 Learning new games and our boat.Catalina Book-5 Getting seasick and a scenic shot of where we were staying.Catalina Book-6 DetailsCatalina Book-7 Activities – hiking and swimmingCatalina Book-8 What it looked like at night and in the morning.Catalina Book-9 Learning to fish.Catalina Book-10 New friendships.Catalina Book-31The big hike.Catalina Book-12 Nature details along the hike and the exhaustion from the hike.Catalina Book-13 The map.Catalina Book-14 Napping and Fish.Catalina Book-15 Sunrise.Catalina Book-16 Kayaking and learning knots.Catalina Book-17 The wildlife.Catalina Book-18 What nighttime looks like.Catalina Book-19 Our accommodations.Catalina Book-20 Exploring.Catalina Book-21 The journey home.Catalina Book-22 Seeing whales on the way home and a quote about nature.Catalina Book-23 A summary photo of the trip.Catalina Book-24 The back cover.Catalina Book-25 The spine detailing place and year.Catalina Book-27


Hope this inspires you to think about another photo book.