Project Life/365 – Week 8

Sorry I have been sick but I am back.

Yes. The rubik’s cube has finally been solved in our household! Time for sushi! Week 8-10Everyone needs a brain hat.Week 8-2 Or perhaps an origami Pikachu hat is your style.Week 8-3 The funniest thing ever or the most bizarre thing ever?Week 8-4 Elaborate plans for a leprechaun trap.Week 8-5 And the building/ painting commences.Week 8-6 The trap. Week 8-7 The leprechaun did not leave us gold but left us with green toilet water, green milk for our cereal, shampoo in the refrigerator and mustard in the shower – hmm…..Week 8-8 A little ping-pong on the dining table.Week 8-11

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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