Project Life/ 365 – 9

Hope you had a great week!

Love being silly. And who doesn’t adore photobooths?Week 9-13  The big show is finally here! Week 9-8 A Night on Broadway.Week 9-1 Emcee Hammer is in the house.Week 9-2 These kids rocked!Week 9-3 Science Festival – Harry creating a double helix (with foam noodles).Week 9-4 And posing with a Martian dude.Week 9-5 Studying the effects of air pressure and gravity.Week 9-6 An origami DNA strand.Week 9-7 And the science inspiration continued at home.Week 9-10 After watching Between the Folds ( a movie about origami), Harry started experimenting with more abstract objects.Week 9-12Guess who is not very excited about getting his hair cut? Too funny!Week 9-11

We are off on adventures. See you next week!



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