Elf Antics

Elf 2009-15

Meet our Elf – “Elfie”. He is no Elf on the Shelf. Sure he gets into plenty of mischief but he is loved and held. Santa sends him around the beginning of December and he returns with Santa on Christmas Eve. As much havoc as he creates, he is still cherished as part of our Christmas holidays.

Elf 2009-14

The following are some of his crazy antics from back in 2009.

Whenever Elfie sees packing peanuts, he thinks he is playing in snow. We find them every where.Elf 2009-1

We found him driving Harry’s remote control car.Elf 2009-3

He and Goofy decided to play Star Wars ships.Elf 2009-5

He got into my cotton balls and made a snowman.Elf 2009-4


He dressed up all of Harry’s animals in Christmas themed attire.

.Elf 2009-7

A  “snowball” fight with cotton balls.Elf 2009-8

Meet “Super Elfie”.Elf 2009-9

Elfie left a a mess when he decided to create a Christmas paper chain.Elf 2009-11

Our Elf seems to have a bit of a shoe obsession. He is always trying on different shoes and socks.Elf 2009-12

And then we found Elfie at my computer. He created a ridiculous holiday video of us as elves.Elf 2009-13


halloween happenings – a photo book

Halloween Photo Book-1

Halloween/October has so many opportunities for photos:

  • making costumes
  • costumes
  • pumpkin patches
  • fall festivals
  • carving pumpkins
  • painting pumpkins
  • pumpkin lattes/pies/roasting pumpkin seeds.etc.
  • Halloween books
  • Halloween art
  • Halloween/October decor
  • outside decorations
  • jack o’ lanterns
  • trick or treating
  • the candy
  • spooky flashlight photos
  • October skies/ moon
  • parties
  • and so much more….

Halloween Photo Book-2 Halloween Photo Book-3 Halloween Photo Book-4 Halloween Photo Book-5 Halloween Photo Book-6 Halloween Photo Book-7 Halloween Photo Book-8 Halloween photo book-13 Halloween Photo Book-10 Halloween photo book-14 Halloween Photo Book-12

This photo book was made through Paper Coterie, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. I still wanted to share because it is a great example of using basic blocks of color, Halloween quotes and simple layouts to create a fun book representing October/ Halloween adventures.

halloween photo cubes

Halloween photo cubes-1Another holiday, another excuse for photo cubes. Can you hear me singing “I just can’t get enough?”. You can see my other cubes here and here.

Halloween cube photo ideas:

pumpkin patch adventures
pumpkin carving
Halloween carnivals
Halloween/ costume parties
Halloween art
spooky looking skies

Start by using 2″ square cubes from Michaels, JoAnn’s or even online.  Cut various patterned Halloween paper into 2″ x 2″ squares. Find those precious October/ Halloween photos and cut into 2″ x 2″ squares. Adhere with Modge Podge or Aleene’s tacky glue using a foam brush. Finally, you have the perfect Halloween keepsake for a table or shelf.


cubes – fourth of july style

Fourth of July cubes-1

Wondering what to do with all those Fourth of July photos?  Cubes are a great way to go. These cubes incorporate Fourth Of July’s over several years.

You might also add photos of:

  • fireworks
  • flags
  • details on bikes
  • parades
  • food
  • clothing/hats
  • traditions

You can pick up 2″ blocks at Michael’s, print some photos, find some red,white and blue paper, and adhere it all the blocks. Quick, easy and a fun decoration to add your summer decor.