comic-con (part 2)

Comic Con-42

The show floor is just insane.Comic Con-47

This Darth Vader car rocks.Comic Con-27

The day is not complete with fighting Emperor Palpatine.Comic Con-29

Batman turns 75.Comic Con-30

Artists did incredible work with Batman’s cape.Comic Con-31

Costumes everywhere.Comic Con-40Comic Con-32 Comic Con-45Comic Con-33

“No I’m the real Spiderman.”Comic Con-34 Comic Con-35

Marvel Superheroes.Comic Con-39

Harry and I did an Adventure Time scavenger hunt throughout the show floor.Comic Con-49 Comic Con-51

Unique.Comic Con-43

Harry played some Pokemon.Comic Con-44

I can’t even fathom how they are all going to get on that elevator.Comic Con-48

DC Superheroes.Comic Con-46


Until next year!


comic-con (part 1)

Comic-Con is one of those crazy, wild weekends.Comic Con-1

You have to love the advertisement art all around.Comic Con-2

Trying the new Disney Infinity 2.0 characters.Comic Con-4

Got all our stuff, ready to tackle the show floor.Comic Con-6

Silly.Comic Con-7

Checking out the Superhero Ugly Dolls.Comic Con-8

Is it a star on the red carpet? No, it’s just Harry.Comic Con-9

You never know what you might encounter.Comic Con-10 Comic Con-11 Comic Con-12 Comic Con-13 Comic Con-14

A dog car?Comic Con-15

While waiting in line for the Game of Thrones experience.Comic Con-16

Olaf just walking down the street.Comic Con-55

Checking out the incredible Game of Thrones costumes.Comic Con-18

Patrick climbing The Game of Thrones Wall. It was so scary I couldn’t do it.Comic Con-19

The throne is a bit intimidating.Comic Con-21

But not for me.Comic Con-22

They were giving away free Game of Thrones tattoos. Real ones.Comic Con-23

Harry has the most amazing luck with these games.Comic Con-24

Patrick not so much.Comic Con-25

The pure joy of winning his new toy.Comic Con-26

capture life – finale

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

To capture our life in photos is a lot of hard work but absolutely worth it. It pushes me to try new things. Shooting the everyday involves shooting the same thing or similar events,  so I have to find new ways to photograph moments or objects, whether it is in different light or from different angles (otherwise, it would be incredibly boring). You start seeing what works and what doesn’t work. You learn to wait for the perfect moment that captures life for a fleeting instant. The only way to get better is to shoot and shoot a lot. Bad pictures are the norm with a couple of good ones thrown in, but eventually those good pictures start appearing more and more. When I started, my philosophy was if you take 100 photos you might get 5 good ones. The percentages of the good ones keep getting higher and higher each year. To experiment is to get better. Try new things!! I truly believe that if you take photos everyday you eventually have to get better. You have to!!!

Capture Life-50 Capture Life-51 Capture Life-52 Capture Life-53 Capture Life-54 Capture Life-55 Capture Life-56 Capture Life-57 Capture Life-58 Capture Life-59 Capture Life-60 Capture Life-61 Capture Life-62 Capture Life-63 Capture Life-64

project life/365 – week 27

Raja being really lazy while eating.Week 27-1

Moomba always helps when making the bed. Always.Week 27-2

Sandcastle Contest.Week 27-3 Week 27-4

Can’t believe the detail in the Eiffel Tower.Week 27-5

Don’t ask.Week 27-6

Amazing.Week 27-7 Week 27-8

Harry was inspired to create his own sand art.Week 27-9

Nightime Zoo. The boys attempting totem status.Week 27-10

Koalas.Week 27-11 Week 27-12

Harry struggling with the hula hoop.Week 27-13 Week 27-14

I can’t resist a photobooth.Week 27-15

Nightime swimmingWeek 27-16 Week 27-17

Working it at the Skatepark.Week 27-18 Week 27-19

This dog just made me smile.Week 27-20

project life/365 – week 25

Happy 4th of JulyWeek 25-1

Coronado has the best parade. So patriotic.Week 25-2 Week 25-3 Week 25-4

I cry every year as the Pearl Harbor survivors parade by and every year they are fewer and fewer.Week 25-50

A patriotic Storm Trooper?Week 25-6

Getting Harry’s scooter decorated.Week 25-8

Bubbles.Week 25-9 Week 25-10

The scooter and helmet ready for the kids parade at the block party.Week 25-13 Week 25-51Week 25-16

Harry’s hand painting station.Week 25-17

And yes he won the watermelon spitting contest. I sure am a proud mama.Week 25-18

First time with sparklers.Week 25-11 Week 25-12

You sunk my battleship.Week 25-19

Rivals of Catan. (It was a game week.)Week 25-20

Sleeping in on lazy summer days.Week 25-21

project life/365 – week 24

Summer is off and running.

A game my son created at tech camp – “Lava Monster”.Week 24-1

Belt testing in Karate. Paying respects to those that came before.Week 24-25

The new belt.Week 24-3

Meet the newest ember of Harry’s Rainbow Loom Dragon family – Cloudjumper.Week 24-4

Cat sitting.Week 24-5

Surf Camp. ( I rented a 500mm lens and it was so worth it.)Week 24-6 Week 24-7 Week 24-8 Week 24-9 Week 24-10 Week 24-11 Week 24-12

Hang Ten Dude.Week 24-13 Week 24-14 Week 24-20 Week 24-16 Week 24-21