project life/365 – week 24

Summer is off and running.

A game my son created at tech camp – “Lava Monster”.Week 24-1

Belt testing in Karate. Paying respects to those that came before.Week 24-25

The new belt.Week 24-3

Meet the newest ember of Harry’s Rainbow Loom Dragon family – Cloudjumper.Week 24-4

Cat sitting.Week 24-5

Surf Camp. ( I rented a 500mm lens and it was so worth it.)Week 24-6 Week 24-7 Week 24-8 Week 24-9 Week 24-10 Week 24-11 Week 24-12

Hang Ten Dude.Week 24-13 Week 24-14 Week 24-20 Week 24-16 Week 24-21


2 thoughts on “project life/365 – week 24

  1. Wow!!! Can I just say you make my day when you post a new blog entry?!?!?! Way to go Harry on all of your awesome summer accomplishments!!! Mary fabulous shots of the surfing and just capturing your every day!!!

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