capture life (continued)

Project life/365. That’s a lot of photos. A lot of photos!

But there are also many days I don’t feel like taking a photo and nothing exciting is going on so, I take a photo another day of something currently going on in our lives:

  • a book I am reading
  • a tv show I am watching
  • a receipt
  • a mess in our house
  • a project I am working on
  • homework
  • a selfie
  • a pair of shoes I am wearing at the moment
  • something to represent my workout lately
  • food I cooked
  • a favorite detail in my house
  • something outside – a sunset, a flower, a texture
  • something I love to eat
  • what is in my purse
  • a photo of a current news story
  • a photo from a photo challenge

And while these photos may seem mundane, they are often my favorite. These photos represent those stories that make up our everyday lives.

These sites are great for inspiration:


  • Capture Life-25 Capture Life-26 Capture Life-27 Capture Life-28 Capture Life-29 Capture Life-31 Capture Life-32 Capture Life-33 Capture Life-34Capture Life-35Capture Life-36Capture Life-37Capture Life-39

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