project life/365 – week 25

Happy 4th of JulyWeek 25-1

Coronado has the best parade. So patriotic.Week 25-2 Week 25-3 Week 25-4

I cry every year as the Pearl Harbor survivors parade by and every year they are fewer and fewer.Week 25-50

A patriotic Storm Trooper?Week 25-6

Getting Harry’s scooter decorated.Week 25-8

Bubbles.Week 25-9 Week 25-10

The scooter and helmet ready for the kids parade at the block party.Week 25-13 Week 25-51Week 25-16

Harry’s hand painting station.Week 25-17

And yes he won the watermelon spitting contest. I sure am a proud mama.Week 25-18

First time with sparklers.Week 25-11 Week 25-12

You sunk my battleship.Week 25-19

Rivals of Catan. (It was a game week.)Week 25-20

Sleeping in on lazy summer days.Week 25-21


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