Our Wild Elf

2013 was Elfie’s most creative year yet.

He arrived via hot air ballon.Elf 2013-1

Trying to get us in the christmas spirit with a christmas tree made of Solo cups.Elf 2013-2

And he added a little Christmas decor to Harry’s room.Elf 2013-3

A forest of marshmallow snowmen.Elf 2013-4

Q-tip snowflakes.Elf 2013-5

Playing poker with the his buddies, gambling jelly bellies and tic tacs.Elf 2013-6

Several rounds of tic-tac-toe on the mirrors.Elf 2013-7

Looks like he got caught TPing the tree.Elf 2013-8

Marshmallow messages.Elf 2013-9

Dreaming of a beach vacation.Elf 2013-10

Oops he must have made somebody unhappy.Elf 2013-11

Surprise! Elfie wrapped the toilet.Elf 2013-12

Ready to workout and “pump it up”.Elf 2013-13

Weee! Let’s swing.Elf 2013-14

Elfie auditioning for The Voice. Hope they all turn around.Elf 2013-15

An Elfie Kissing Booth.Elf 2013-16

A crazy snowflake making machine.Elf 2013-17

That is some serious talent- Star Wars with Yoda, R2D2, Clone Troopers and Frozen’s Olaf. Elf 2013-18

A sea of Lego Snowmen.Elf 2013-19

Elfie and his reindeer.Elf 2013-20

Candy Cane Lanes bowling.Elf 2013-21 Elf 2013-22

Ready for some Ninja Gingerbread cookie making.Elf 2013-23

Is that Harry Potter?Elf 2013-24

A photo booth photo shoot.Elf 2013-25 Elf 2013-26

Discovering Elfie texting Santa.Elf 2013-27

A rockin’, wild disco light party.Elf 2013-28


More Elf Escapades

In 2012, our Elf got wilder and more creative with his escapades.

Elfie, our crazy elf, arrived via climbing the windows with suction cups.Elf 2012-1

Playing Battleship, although he seems more concerned about spelling his name.Elf 2012-2

He colored the hotel mirrors with reindeer noses and elf hats all over the mirrors.Elf 2012-3

We found Elfie watching Christmas movies and popcorn all over the floor from the kitchen to the living room.Elf 2012-4

It looks like a game of Scrabble solely using Christmas words.Elf 2012-5

Elfie continued to send us messages with scrabble tiles.Elf 2012-6

Enjoying some hot chocolate with a crazy straw and marshmallows every where.Elf 2012-7

One mischievous Elf replaced all our Christmas stockings with underwear. Elf 2012-8

Elfie is also very crafty as he created a pipe cleaner version of himself.Elf 2012-9

One day he showed up with this straw building set. Elf 2012-10

And kept creating new structures.Elf 2012-11

Then he took all our framed photos and colored Elf outfits on each of us.Elf 2012-12

He and his cohorts in crime playing Munchkin.Elf 2012-13

It looks like a wild party night that ended with a Christmas tree made out of light up bracelet sticks.Elf 2012-14

Elf Escapades

The 2011 adventures of Elfie, our Christmas Elf……

He arrived by zip line.Elf 2011-1

The gloves must go along with his sock obsession.Elf 2011-2

weeee. A ride on the the fan is must.Elf 2011-3

Snowball fight with marshmallows and pillows as bunkers.Elf 2011-4

Fishing.Elf 2011-5

Decorating the tree with socks.Elf 2011-6

Wearing new slippers. Elf 2011-7

An “Elfie Jar”. Just like at school, for every compliment the jar fills with poof balls. When the jar is full they get a class party. Elfie appears to believe he already deserves a party.Elf 2011-8

Elfie dressed the bear in his pajamas and slippers.Elf 2011-9

Elfie is quite the artist.Elf 2011-10

Our Elf couldn’t resist the underwear tree.Elf 2011-11

Cooking smores over the candles.Elf 2011-12

More Elf Antics

And here are more Elf antics, these are from 2010.

We found paper and snowflakes all over the floor.Elf 2010-1

The animals all playing I Spy – the card game.Elf 2010-2

Riding on decorations. Elf 2010-3

Reading to the other animals in a pillow/sheet fort.Elf 2010-4

Disguised as Boba Fett or did Elfie get stuck?Elf 2010-5

Is that a new Bionicle on the shelf?Elf 2010-6

It looks like Elfie and the other animals snuck into Harry’s advent calendars and started playing with the day’s surprises.Elf 2010-7

Elfie taking a ride on the AT-AT Walker.Elf 2010-8

Out pops our Elf from the cat tunnel.Elf 2010-9

He TP’d the hotel room. Oh boy!Elf 2010-10

“I love Elfie” post-it notes found all over the house.Elf 2010-11

Our Elf holding court with the Squishies.Elf 2010-12

Elf Antics

Elf 2009-15

Meet our Elf – “Elfie”. He is no Elf on the Shelf. Sure he gets into plenty of mischief but he is loved and held. Santa sends him around the beginning of December and he returns with Santa on Christmas Eve. As much havoc as he creates, he is still cherished as part of our Christmas holidays.

Elf 2009-14

The following are some of his crazy antics from back in 2009.

Whenever Elfie sees packing peanuts, he thinks he is playing in snow. We find them every where.Elf 2009-1

We found him driving Harry’s remote control car.Elf 2009-3

He and Goofy decided to play Star Wars ships.Elf 2009-5

He got into my cotton balls and made a snowman.Elf 2009-4


He dressed up all of Harry’s animals in Christmas themed attire.

.Elf 2009-7

A  “snowball” fight with cotton balls.Elf 2009-8

Meet “Super Elfie”.Elf 2009-9

Elfie left a a mess when he decided to create a Christmas paper chain.Elf 2009-11

Our Elf seems to have a bit of a shoe obsession. He is always trying on different shoes and socks.Elf 2009-12

And then we found Elfie at my computer. He created a ridiculous holiday video of us as elves.Elf 2009-13