Elf Escapades

The 2011 adventures of Elfie, our Christmas Elf……

He arrived by zip line.Elf 2011-1

The gloves must go along with his sock obsession.Elf 2011-2

weeee. A ride on the the fan is must.Elf 2011-3

Snowball fight with marshmallows and pillows as bunkers.Elf 2011-4

Fishing.Elf 2011-5

Decorating the tree with socks.Elf 2011-6

Wearing new slippers. Elf 2011-7

An “Elfie Jar”. Just like at school, for every compliment the jar fills with poof balls. When the jar is full they get a class party. Elfie appears to believe he already deserves a party.Elf 2011-8

Elfie dressed the bear in his pajamas and slippers.Elf 2011-9

Elfie is quite the artist.Elf 2011-10

Our Elf couldn’t resist the underwear tree.Elf 2011-11

Cooking smores over the candles.Elf 2011-12


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