More Elf Escapades

In 2012, our Elf got wilder and more creative with his escapades.

Elfie, our crazy elf, arrived via climbing the windows with suction cups.Elf 2012-1

Playing Battleship, although he seems more concerned about spelling his name.Elf 2012-2

He colored the hotel mirrors with reindeer noses and elf hats all over the mirrors.Elf 2012-3

We found Elfie watching Christmas movies and popcorn all over the floor from the kitchen to the living room.Elf 2012-4

It looks like a game of Scrabble solely using Christmas words.Elf 2012-5

Elfie continued to send us messages with scrabble tiles.Elf 2012-6

Enjoying some hot chocolate with a crazy straw and marshmallows every where.Elf 2012-7

One mischievous Elf replaced all our Christmas stockings with underwear. Elf 2012-8

Elfie is also very crafty as he created a pipe cleaner version of himself.Elf 2012-9

One day he showed up with this straw building set. Elf 2012-10

And kept creating new structures.Elf 2012-11

Then he took all our framed photos and colored Elf outfits on each of us.Elf 2012-12

He and his cohorts in crime playing Munchkin.Elf 2012-13

It looks like a wild party night that ended with a Christmas tree made out of light up bracelet sticks.Elf 2012-14


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