Our Wild Elf

2013 was Elfie’s most creative year yet.

He arrived via hot air ballon.Elf 2013-1

Trying to get us in the christmas spirit with a christmas tree made of Solo cups.Elf 2013-2

And he added a little Christmas decor to Harry’s room.Elf 2013-3

A forest of marshmallow snowmen.Elf 2013-4

Q-tip snowflakes.Elf 2013-5

Playing poker with the his buddies, gambling jelly bellies and tic tacs.Elf 2013-6

Several rounds of tic-tac-toe on the mirrors.Elf 2013-7

Looks like he got caught TPing the tree.Elf 2013-8

Marshmallow messages.Elf 2013-9

Dreaming of a beach vacation.Elf 2013-10

Oops he must have made somebody unhappy.Elf 2013-11

Surprise! Elfie wrapped the toilet.Elf 2013-12

Ready to workout and “pump it up”.Elf 2013-13

Weee! Let’s swing.Elf 2013-14

Elfie auditioning for The Voice. Hope they all turn around.Elf 2013-15

An Elfie Kissing Booth.Elf 2013-16

A crazy snowflake making machine.Elf 2013-17

That is some serious talent- Star Wars with Yoda, R2D2, Clone Troopers and Frozen’s Olaf. Elf 2013-18

A sea of Lego Snowmen.Elf 2013-19

Elfie and his reindeer.Elf 2013-20

Candy Cane Lanes bowling.Elf 2013-21 Elf 2013-22

Ready for some Ninja Gingerbread cookie making.Elf 2013-23

Is that Harry Potter?Elf 2013-24

A photo booth photo shoot.Elf 2013-25 Elf 2013-26

Discovering Elfie texting Santa.Elf 2013-27

A rockin’, wild disco light party.Elf 2013-28


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