More Elf Antics

And here are more Elf antics, these are from 2010.

We found paper and snowflakes all over the floor.Elf 2010-1

The animals all playing I Spy – the card game.Elf 2010-2

Riding on decorations. Elf 2010-3

Reading to the other animals in a pillow/sheet fort.Elf 2010-4

Disguised as Boba Fett or did Elfie get stuck?Elf 2010-5

Is that a new Bionicle on the shelf?Elf 2010-6

It looks like Elfie and the other animals snuck into Harry’s advent calendars and started playing with the day’s surprises.Elf 2010-7

Elfie taking a ride on the AT-AT Walker.Elf 2010-8

Out pops our Elf from the cat tunnel.Elf 2010-9

He TP’d the hotel room. Oh boy!Elf 2010-10

“I love Elfie” post-it notes found all over the house.Elf 2010-11

Our Elf holding court with the Squishies.Elf 2010-12


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