Elf Antics

Elf 2009-15

Meet our Elf – “Elfie”. He is no Elf on the Shelf. Sure he gets into plenty of mischief but he is loved and held. Santa sends him around the beginning of December and he returns with Santa on Christmas Eve. As much havoc as he creates, he is still cherished as part of our Christmas holidays.

Elf 2009-14

The following are some of his crazy antics from back in 2009.

Whenever Elfie sees packing peanuts, he thinks he is playing in snow. We find them every where.Elf 2009-1

We found him driving Harry’s remote control car.Elf 2009-3

He and Goofy decided to play Star Wars ships.Elf 2009-5

He got into my cotton balls and made a snowman.Elf 2009-4


He dressed up all of Harry’s animals in Christmas themed attire.

.Elf 2009-7

A  “snowball” fight with cotton balls.Elf 2009-8

Meet “Super Elfie”.Elf 2009-9

Elfie left a a mess when he decided to create a Christmas paper chain.Elf 2009-11

Our Elf seems to have a bit of a shoe obsession. He is always trying on different shoes and socks.Elf 2009-12

And then we found Elfie at my computer. He created a ridiculous holiday video of us as elves.Elf 2009-13


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