discovery science center

Experimenting with light waves.Discovery Science Center-1

A magic harp.Discovery Science Center-2

Creating clouds.Discovery Science Center-3 Discovery Science Center-4

A hockey exhibit where we see how difficult it is to be a goalie with foam hockey pucks flying at you.Discovery Science Center-5

I rocked (well at least I had the highest score of my family). Future hockey star? Probably not.Discovery Science Center-6

Harry as hockey player – smushed face and all.Discovery Science Center-7

The Mythbusters exhibit.  Practicing our tablecloth removal skills.Discovery Science Center-8

Patrick could hang for a crazy, long time. Discovery Science Center-9

Trying out the Flatulence Chair.Discovery Science Center-10

Can you change clothes in a phone booth like a superhero?Discovery Science Center-11

Super Hero Harry arrived, but not in super hero speed.Discovery Science Center-12

Hanging on the phone book swing. amazing.Discovery Science Center-13

Dinosaur Quest. We love treasure hunts.Discovery Science Center-14

A wind tunnel. Harry as an airplane.Discovery Science Center-15

Patrick experiencing hurricane force winds.Discovery Science Center-16

Harry was obsessed with the grocery shopping game.Discovery Science Center-17

I think he played this game at least 5 times and he would have kept going had we not been trying to get to Disneyland.Discovery Science Center-18 Discovery Science Center-19

Goofball.Discovery Science Center-20