project life/365 – week 21 (part 1)

This was one crazy, fun busy week.

Someone finagled me into buying this giant inflatable fish at the grocery store.Week 21-1

Dave and Busters.Week 21-3

Harry ran out of coins in about 10 minutes flat. So then he just pretended to play.Week 21-4 Week 21-5

What to get with all those tickets?Week 21-6

Crazy straw glass were a must.Week 21-7

Field trip to the science museum. Week 21-11 Week 21-12 Week 21-14 Week 21-16

Don’t ask.Week 21-17


project Life/ 365 – 10 (part one)

We were lucky enough to spend spring break in Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney so I have A LOT of photos.

We had the day free in San Jose, Costa Rica so we decided to check out the kids museum (Museo del Los Ninos). Here we are trying on traditional storytelling masks.Costa Rica-14 Like we don’t have enough earthquakes, let’s try an earthquake simulator.Costa Rica-13 My husband as a bug.Costa Rica-10 Dancing away in the disco room.Costa Rica-12 Costa Rica-4 Working on my flossing techniques.Costa Rica-9 Harry is a little obsessed with all things teeth.Costa Rica-7Playing on a giant chess board. Costa Rica-6 and of course the museum ends at the candy.Costa Rica-1 A really cool art piece outside the National Museum.Costa Rica-2 This building just makes me happy.Costa Rica-11 The artisan market.Costa Rica-15 Costa Rica-5 Just being silly.Costa Rica-16


More to come……