project life/365 – week 21 (part 1)

This was one crazy, fun busy week.

Someone finagled me into buying this giant inflatable fish at the grocery store.Week 21-1

Dave and Busters.Week 21-3

Harry ran out of coins in about 10 minutes flat. So then he just pretended to play.Week 21-4 Week 21-5

What to get with all those tickets?Week 21-6

Crazy straw glass were a must.Week 21-7

Field trip to the science museum. Week 21-11 Week 21-12 Week 21-14 Week 21-16

Don’t ask.Week 21-17


1 thought on “project life/365 – week 21 (part 1)

  1. We love Dave and Busters too! I would never have thought to take my camera in with us…you did a great job capturing the fun of D&B!

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