project life/365 – Week 21 (part 2)

A day at the Fair.Week 21-25

A sampling of the fine delicacies at the Fair – potato chips on a stick.Week 21-23

Carnival games.Week 21-24

Jump.Week 21-51 Week 21-20

Rides.Week 21-27

Butterflies with butterfly whisperer.Week 21-29 Week 21-30 Week 21-32 Week 21-33 Week 21-34

Playing instruments from the ranch.Week 21-21

Being silly.Week 21-35

Food, food and more food.Week 21-36

More rides.Week 21-38

Patrick found a place to sit and relax.Week 21-39

The joy of a new carnival game prize.Week 21-41

Can’t get enough of the photo booths.Week 21-43

A selfie.Week 21-50

The Fair at night.Week 21-45


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