project life/365 – week 20

Playing pool for the first time and he won. Must be beginners luck. Week 20-2 Week 20-3

Harry interviewed a remarkable octogenarian for a paper for school. Week 20-1

Volunteering to help organize the library at my son’s school reminded me of my childhood obsession. I couldn’t get enough of these Nancy Drew books. Week 20-7

Don’t ask. Seriously. This is somehow Harry working on his paper for school. hmmm..Week 20-4

He is so funny. Week 20-5


1 thought on “project life/365 – week 20

  1. Last summer I found a box of Nancy Drew at a garage sale…25 cents a book! My friend collects them too…so I picked them up for her but have some duplicates so Mady may be reading Nancy Drew in the future…although the have the Clancy Nancy books (Fancy Nancy Detective) for today’s girl…lol

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