project life/365 – week 19

Drawing a mean, angry squid.Week 19-7

The purple colored squid doesn’t look so scary and mean.Week 19-2

Something is wrong in the universe. Raja is on Moomba’s tower. This is just pure trouble.Week 19-3

Enjoying his favorite drink – a Fanta at our favorite Burger joint.Week 19-4

We created a list of things Harry needed and wanted to accomplish over the weekend (along with a little Hangman). Please notice his “Drive Mom Crazy.”Week 19-5


1 thought on “project life/365 – week 19

  1. Love his list! It’s so much fun when they start writing…I cleaned out Mady’s desk last weekend and had to make sure there were no “must keep” notes in any of her old notebooks before I threw them away!!!

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