project life/365 – week 13


Waiting for a friend at the train station. (Love how little he looks among the larger architecture.)Week 13-1

A Scavenger (Silly Faced) Egg HuntWeek 13-2

Inside each egg was a picture and the picture led to the next egg and so on and so on…Week 13-3

There was an egg in the sock drawer among some many other crazy places.Week 13-4

A picture of a dishwasher?Week 13-5

What kind of crazy Easter Bunny leaves the Easter basket ( full of pool and beach toys) in the dishwasher?Week 13-6

Patrick was out of town, so Harry and I splurged on a special Easter Brunch (complete with a yummy pomegranate mimosa.)Week 13-7

An Easter Selfie.Week 13-8

Ready, set……Week 13-9

Go!Week 13-10

The aftermath.Week 13-11

Trying a new type of Easter Egg art with crayons called Volcanic Explosion. It sounded great in theory but it was an epic fail. We will always remember the disaster we created!Week 13-12

Easter Bunny Harry Rainbow Looming Wild Man.Week 13-13

This may seem like abuse but our cat really likes it. No really! He is actually trying to catch the water stream with his outstretched paw.Week 13-14

A soaking wet Moomba!Week 13-15


Hope your weekend is filled with silliness!