elements of a photo book

Catalina Book-1

A long weekend camping with friends captured in a photo book. I used My Publisher and they are definitely one of my favorite photo book companies. Their lay flat option up to 100 pages allows for more pages than most companies and the quality of their pages is fabulous! My pictures come out the way I intended – clear, vibrant and detailed.

I designed my own pages in Adobe Photoshop for more flexibility.

A couple of details that make a book easy to create:

I also added quotes and phrases from Ali Edwards that seemed to work with this adventure. ( Go Outside, Camping, We Word Art Brushes, This Journey Called Life )

Photographs to keep in mind while camping:

  • the journey there
  • the campsite
  • scenic shots from a hike
  • nature – plants, animals, rocks, trees, flowers
  • stories of kids or adults playing – games, adventures
  • discoveries – footprints, bugs, etc.
  • the stars and sky
  • sunrise or sunset
  • the food
  • evening around the campfire ( pump up your ISO and turn down your aperture)
  • maps of the area
  • the trip home

Here is a sampling of pages from my book:

A title page including the date of our adventure.Catalina Book-2 A quote and the story.Catalina Book-30The journey there.Catalina Book-3 Waiting for everyone.Catalina Book-4 Learning new games and our boat.Catalina Book-5 Getting seasick and a scenic shot of where we were staying.Catalina Book-6 DetailsCatalina Book-7 Activities – hiking and swimmingCatalina Book-8 What it looked like at night and in the morning.Catalina Book-9 Learning to fish.Catalina Book-10 New friendships.Catalina Book-31The big hike.Catalina Book-12 Nature details along the hike and the exhaustion from the hike.Catalina Book-13 The map.Catalina Book-14 Napping and Fish.Catalina Book-15 Sunrise.Catalina Book-16 Kayaking and learning knots.Catalina Book-17 The wildlife.Catalina Book-18 What nighttime looks like.Catalina Book-19 Our accommodations.Catalina Book-20 Exploring.Catalina Book-21 The journey home.Catalina Book-22 Seeing whales on the way home and a quote about nature.Catalina Book-23 A summary photo of the trip.Catalina Book-24 The back cover.Catalina Book-25 The spine detailing place and year.Catalina Book-27


Hope this inspires you to think about another photo book.


5 thoughts on “elements of a photo book

  1. No, this inspires me to send you all of my pictures and have you create me a photo book!I stopped paper scrapbooking in 2008 and I am trying to digitally scrapbook 2009, but with little success. Maybe you have given me a nudge in the right direction!

  2. This is amazing! You truly have a gift. Have you ever thought about taking all our HTW pics & making a book? I would pay for one! (I’ve thought about doing it myself, but it would never look as good as yours and I can’t take on one more project right now.) Will you consider it…please?? 😄

  3. This is beautiful! You truly have a gift. Have you ever thought about taking all of our pics from the HTW and making a book? I would totally pay for one, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Will you consider it? Pleeeease?? 😄

  4. Amazing…very inspiring…I have some vacation pictures that you have inspired me to get organized into a book!!!

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