project life/365 – 5

What a week. So much information I might explode! I am actually dreaming in Photoshop.

Our friends treated us to Legoland tickets – Wahoo!365 - 5-10 Happy face rocks! They just make me want to smile!365 - 5-7 Playing with reflections at the Lego Movie Experience!365 - 5-6 365 - 5-5 Harry’s creation of the week –  a dragon eye.365 - 5-9 Time for an ice cream break treat.365 - 5-3 365 - 5-4 Sewing a drape for the school musical. ( Haven’t sewed in a zillion years.)365 - 5-2 Broadway? No. A musical review at my son’s school? You got it! Posters/props for all the musicals represented in the show. I have been painting these for weeks and am grateful they are finally finished!!!365 - 5-1

Go enjoy your weekend!! I am anxiously anticipating our much needed rain, a weekend of movies, snuggling and hot cocoa!


3 thoughts on “project life/365 – 5

  1. Fantastic post Mary! Awesome posters! I love Broadway shows – Wicked is my fav! Loved Jersey boys. And I’m going to see Memphis and Phantom this year! xxxooo Dana

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