project life/365 – 6

Another crazy week.

The storm approaching. Week 6-18 Much needed rain.Week 6-20 Rain = snuggling.Week 6-19 Making a sharks tooth ( with water, flour and vegetable oil).Week 6-14 The sharks tooth.Week 6-15 Origami time.Week 6-11 One of many creations.Week 6-10 Trying to sew a gigantic drape (with a lot of help).Week 6-9 Harry tasting coconut milk – don’t think he liked it much. (Did you know that you can split a coconut in half to make a musical instrument that sounds like horse hooves?).Week 6-8 Artwork left after the storm.Week 6-7 Encountered this scene when walking into the bathroom.Week 6-5 I guess you need lego mini figures just in case.Week 6-6 Harry has been a bit obsessed with hexaflexagons. You can check them out here and here.Week 6-1 Artwork from school. I have always wanted to try melting crayons – looks so fun and colorful!Week 6-2 Baby girl kitty is very sick. Thinking this might be the last time I have this sweet snuggle with her.Week 6-4 An incredible sunset.Week 6-3

Hope you are having a fun, adventurous weekend.


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