project life/365 – week 31 and 32

A Lego Architecture building fest. Cat included.Week 31 and 32-1

Harry on a painting mission.Week 31 and 32-2

A sample of his paintings – practice with furry animals.Week 31 and 32-3 Week 31 and 32-4

Tree climbing.Week 31 and 32-5

An Amazing Race game challenge – eating jello with no hands. It was not pretty.Week 31 and 32-6

Oh yeah! Right there.Week 31 and 32-7

Teaching my husband how to take a nice picture of me.Week 31 and 32-8

Patrick’s birthday celebration.Week 31 and 32-9

A new Starbucks mug.Week 31 and 32-10

A card from the cats. They are so silly.Week 31 and 32-11

Harry explaining to Dad how much he could help him with his new Lego architecture set.Week 31 and 32-12

Harry’s gift to dad. A diorama with a Rainbow Loom super dad!Week 31 and 32-13 Week 31 and 32-14

He loved it!Week 31 and 32-15

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