project life/ 365 – week 22 (part 1)

The last day of school. Testing their towers (they made of toothpicks, wax paper and glue) for strength and durability.Week 22-2

Patrick explaining the forces involved in the collapse.Week 22-3

The final demolition.Week 22-4

Movie time – How to Train Your Dragon2 with friends (including his collection of Rainbow Loomed dragons.)Week 22-5

A fusebead Minecraft Sword creation.Week 22-6

Celebrating Father’s Day at Safari Park. Tigers.Week 22-7 Week 22-8 Week 22-9 Week 22-10

My boys.Week 22-16

Isn’t this what Fatherhood is all about?Week 22-12

Harry trying coffee for the first time.Week 22-13

Here is what he thought. Please help us.Week 22-14


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