project life/365 – week 21 (part 1)

This was one crazy, fun busy week.

Someone finagled me into buying this giant inflatable fish at the grocery store.Week 21-1

Dave and Busters.Week 21-3

Harry ran out of coins in about 10 minutes flat. So then he just pretended to play.Week 21-4 Week 21-5

What to get with all those tickets?Week 21-6

Crazy straw glass were a must.Week 21-7

Field trip to the science museum. Week 21-11 Week 21-12 Week 21-14 Week 21-16

Don’t ask.Week 21-17

project life/365 – week 20

Playing pool for the first time and he won. Must be beginners luck. Week 20-2 Week 20-3

Harry interviewed a remarkable octogenarian for a paper for school. Week 20-1

Volunteering to help organize the library at my son’s school reminded me of my childhood obsession. I couldn’t get enough of these Nancy Drew books. Week 20-7

Don’t ask. Seriously. This is somehow Harry working on his paper for school. hmmm..Week 20-4

He is so funny. Week 20-5

project life/365 – week 19

Drawing a mean, angry squid.Week 19-7

The purple colored squid doesn’t look so scary and mean.Week 19-2

Something is wrong in the universe. Raja is on Moomba’s tower. This is just pure trouble.Week 19-3

Enjoying his favorite drink – a Fanta at our favorite Burger joint.Week 19-4

We created a list of things Harry needed and wanted to accomplish over the weekend (along with a little Hangman). Please notice his “Drive Mom Crazy.”Week 19-5

cubes – fourth of july style

Fourth of July cubes-1

Wondering what to do with all those Fourth of July photos?  Cubes are a great way to go. These cubes incorporate Fourth Of July’s over several years.

You might also add photos of:

  • fireworks
  • flags
  • details on bikes
  • parades
  • food
  • clothing/hats
  • traditions

You can pick up 2″ blocks at Michael’s, print some photos, find some red,white and blue paper, and adhere it all the blocks. Quick, easy and a fun decoration to add your summer decor.



project life/365 – week 18


Harry hiding at the slight mention of a haircut. Seriously?Week 18-8

Sword fights with friends.Week 18-9

My boys singing to Johnny Cash’s ” Ring of Fire” at a karaoke party.Week 18-11

Making “Magic Mud” for a science experiment at school. Extracting the starch from the potatoes.Week 18-2

The leftover starch which creates the mud.Week 18-4

The mud.Week 18-5

Adding the quinine so it can glow in the dark.Week 18-6

Bending glow-in-the-dark magic mud. Week 18-7

Harry’s own Rainbow Loom design of Rath from Ben 10.Week 18-12