project life/365 – week 38

A Renaissance Fair and pirates? Pirates are always willing to give a hard time.Week 38-5

“Walking the plank.”Week 38-6

How do I look as a mermaid?Week 38-7

And there were birds….Week 38-8

And fairies….Week 38-9

And sword practice (without real swords).Week 38-10

Harry’s Laser Tag Birthday Party.Week 38-11

Having a hard day.Week 38-13

Playing with the iPhone. When Raja sits likes this it reminds of me of Al Bundy ( from Married with Children).Week 38-12

His last day as 9. Being sad.Week 38-14

Kitty play time.Week 38-15

Harry’s 10th birthday.Week 38-16 Week 38-17

Organizing his rainbow loom bands into a giant rainbow of color.Week 38-18

Think he is happy about turning 10?Week 38-19 Week 38-20

Time to make a wish.Week 38-21

project life/365 – week 37

It’s important to find a corner on the floor to curl up and study for a vocabulary test.Week 37-5

Playing with my new iPhone 6. Life is good for Moomba.Week 37-9

Playing with clay. A calico kitty face.Week 37-16

And a koi fish.Week 37-15

A pet fest.Week 37-6

I swear this cat thinks he is human, eating from the counter.Week 38-1

I don’t know how well this cupcake making is going.Week 38-3

But someone is enjoying the fruits of his labors.Week 38-2

End result, 48 cupcakes cooked, decorated and chilling in the fridge.Week 38-4

project life/365 – week 36

Harry has the important job of taking care of the baby tortoises at school. They sure are cute.Week 36-1

Origami passenger pigeons.Week 36-2

Learning to crochet.Week 36-3

His first crocheted beanie.Week 36-4

Is that a Beatnik? No, that is just Harry practicing the AltoSaxophone.Week 36-5

Sand sculptures of remembrance.Week 36-6

It is hot. Really hot.Week 36-10

Time to live in the ocean.Week 36-7 Week 36-8 Week 36-9

Harry’s “I am a Poem” .Week 36-11


project life/365 – Week 35

Fishing for kitties.Week 35-1

Wigging out.Week 35-2 Week 35-3

Checking out robots at the Robot Fair.Week 35-4 Week 35-5

An origami flower.Week 35-6

Enjoying the surf.Week 35-8 Week 35-9

They look so little. Those are some big waves.Week 35-11 Week 35-13 Week 35-12

I am surprised he doesn’t walk into everything. Can’t get a book out of his hands.Week 35-15

You caught me. Here I am hiding in the plants.Week 35-14

Hysterical laughing. He humors himself a lot.Week 35-16

Sunset.Week 35-17

disneyland – day 2 and 3

Day 2.

We might be just a wee bit excited about a Starbucks in Downtown Disney.Disneyland-11

There is this awesome board that makes a chalk outline of what it sees (us), but also allows you to draw on it. Simultaneously, there is a small screen showing the scene in Orlando that is doing the same there. You can make the small screen bigger and play with the people in the Orlando Starbucks. Too cool.Disneyland-12

Do you see us? I am the one with the camera.Disneyland-13

That’s me with Mickey Ears.Disneyland-14

We really are at the front of the line at opening of California Adventure.Disneyland-15

Those are my brave boys on California Screamin’.Disneyland-16

More Toy Story Mania. We can not get enough.Disneyland-17 Disneyland-18

Luigi’s Flying Tires. “Go right, go right.”Disneyland-19

Pluto Lovin’.Disneyland-20

Have you had the Mickey shaped beignets? Delicious!Disneyland-21

You can tell how good they are just by the mess. Disneyland-22

A Lego store stop is always a must.Disneyland-23

Rubber Duck races at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.Disneyland-24

Harry’s rubber duck might have won if only it had not gotten stuck and needed a rescue.Disneyland-25

Rock climbing.Disneyland-26


Parade time with Frozone.Disneyland-28

Nightime at Disneyland.Disneyland-29

Day 3.

Enjoying the fireworks one last time before checking out.Disneyland-30

Autotopia. Watch out, looks who’s driving.Disneyland-31

The Power City game. Disneyland-32

Animation class.Disneyland-33

Time to go home is always sad. Until our next trip to Disneyland…..

disneyland – day 1

We’re at Disneyland!!Disneyland-1

I wonder what I think is so funny but I am sure Harry is doing something crazy. (Patrick took this one).Disneyland-2

He just looks mischievous.Disneyland-3

At the Disneyland Hotel (taking a break from the heat).Disneyland-4

Do we resemble Walt?Disneyland-5

Toy Story Mania.Disneyland-6

“Dad, I am totally going to beat you this time.”Disneyland-7

Mickey Darth Vader? May the force be with you!Disneyland-8

Ice cream at the Cozy Cone Motel.Disneyland-9

Enjoying a silly cat video back at the hotel.Disneyland-10