love you because…

love you because-24

Another Valentines Day Idea! It is only 4 days away! Yikes!

I cut about thirty pieces of construction paper in various colors and wrote 30 (completely random number) love notes to my son, folded them, put them in a box and tied a bow on the top.

My son loved opening the box and each note was like a new present. He couldn’t get enough!

It is also wonderful to remember and write down all the good things (because sometimes it is hard and we forget).

I love you because…..

  • you are goofy and silly
  • we have so much fun together
  • you love your kitties
  • you have a really big heart
  • you always try
  • you are a great snuggler
  • you always let me take your picture
  • you share your last cookie with me
  • you are you
  • ( and a million more reasons)

I hope you enjoy this simple, meaningful project as much as I did!

project life/365 – 2

A week in photos:

My boys snuggling while watching an Alaskan wilderness survival show.project life 2-21  Harry lovin’ on Moomba while Moomba wonders when its ever going to end.project life 2-20Harry is really into origami. This was his first get together with the origami society. He started with a dragon and a whale.project life 2-23 I guess he proved himself because “the guy” ( the one who has written lots of origami books and is quite the expert) decided Harry was worthy and taught him how to make a cool tessellated inspired box top. And I learned a new word “tessellated”.project life 2-22 And here is the end result. That is some serious origami.project life 2-8 Fort Day. Harry tore apart the living room to make his pirate ship, sails, ships wheel and all.project life 2-18 A clay dragon.project life 2-9 Raja sunning himself.project life 2-16 After weeks of begging for lasagna, it finally arrived. Now Harry could be just like Garfield.project life 2-2 This little gem of rock art was found on a walk. It made my day.project life 2-6 Harry randomly touched something on the iPad and it froze. He was heartbroken thinking he had ruined it forever. The iPad is fine, but this note is priceless.project life 2-28Raja can’t resist a box.project life 2-3  It’s a “Lovey Party” – all the “friends” come out, we bring soft blankets and make sugar cookies.project life 2-30 Shopping for Valentines at Target.project life 2-32 Bought paints for a big project and couldn’t resist a little photo shoot.  All the pretty colors just make me smile. project life 2-34

Happy Friday!!!

wall of travel

wall of photos-1The long expanse of white wall was just boring. It needed something, but what? And then it came to me, I take thousands of photos and we’ve gone to some really cool places, what if I combined the two!

After much research, I found the right company Canvas 4 Life.  I purchased a canvas with the same image from various companies until I found the company that had what I wanted. Canvas 4 Life had a large selection of sizes and I was impressed with the canvas’s texture and vibrancy of color. Another bonus was the fact that I could chose my own custom color for the edges.

I searched for photos of us with iconic images of places we’ve been (and some of the photos were just special to us). Since all the photos were from different times and places, I knew I needed to create a sense of continuity so I chose to keep them all the same size and cropped my photos accordingly and ended up purchasing eighteen 10″x10″ canvases. Once the canvases arrived, I placed them in various spots until the colors seemed to balance each other.

Now that blank wall of blah became our wall of fabulous, colorful memories.

wall of photos-2

a disneyland photobook

Disneyland Book-25Disneyland is an annual trip for us, it is our happy place as a family where we let go of electronics, work and focus on being present, laughing and enjoying each other. My goal is to make a photo book every year to celebrate these trips.

Here are some of things I make sure to capture in photos while at Disneyland:

  • The hotel room
  • My child’s excitement in line
  • If I can, the look on my child’s face during the ride ( ex. Small World)
  • “Selfies” throughout the day
  • My child wearing ears – the ultimate essence of Disneyland
  • My child participating in a show (ex. Jedi Training)
  • Characters
  • Playing with a new toy
  • I always buy the photos of us on a ride
  • Details of the Disneyparks (castle, small world ride, the Walt/ Mickey statue)
  • “Selfies” with 3d glasses
  • Scores on rides (Toy Story Mania, Astroblasters)
  • Scenic shots at night with lights (castle, ferris wheel at California Adventure)
  • Playing in the hotel room at night
  • Playing in the character’s houses in Toontown
  • Accomplishing tasks ( ex. at the Redwood Creek Wilderness Explorer Camp at California Adventure)
  • Playing at the pool
  • Traditional photos in front of the castle
  • My child being just tall enough or not tall enough for a ride
  • Eating meals and meal signs
  • Balloons
  • Mickey shaped food
  • Parades
  • Fireworks

I also make sure to scan or photograph the following:

  • Certificates (Jedi Training)
  • Drawings ( Animation Classes)
  • Receipts
  • My child’s writings about the trip

For this series of books, Blurb was the photo book printer of choice. A “10 x 8 standard landscape” using “standard paper” with the “hardcover image wrap”.

This book I organized chronologically. I usually chose two fonts for my photo books – one for titles and one for the journaling. Any more fonts and it gets too busy. I knew I would be doing a series of these books, so I splurged and bought the Kingdom font for titles and downloaded the Glasket medium font (free) for the journaling. I used Blurb’s simple layouts with a little adaptation here and there and white pages as a base.

Here is sampling of pages from our Disneyland “Summer 2011” photo book:

Capturing the Hotel RoomDisneyland Book-1 Harry’s favorite ride – Star Tours and him trying on Mickey R2D2 earsDisneyland Book-2 Jedi Training and the battleDisneyland Book-3I also scanned the Jedi Training certificate.Disneyland Book-4

The lightsaber he bought and characters in Tomorrowland.Disneyland Book-5 A selfie and the Spacemountain ride.Disneyland Book-6 A scenic shot at night, a “selfie” with 3d glasses and Toy Story Mania scores.Disneyland Book-7 The Build-a-Bear experience.Disneyland Book-8 Meet “Disney” ( I know not very original, but he’ll always know where it came from). Harry’s new Build-a-Bear.Disneyland Book-9 The hotel room at night, playing light sabers with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-10 Character lovin’.Disneyland Book-11 Enjoying Minnie’s house with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-12 Harry trying to accomplish all the goals to be an official “Wilderness Explorer”.Disneyland Book-13 Harry kept enjoying the fact the “Disney” was a camoflauged bear so he would stick it next to anything green and ask ” Mom, can you find Disney?”Disneyland Book-14 All the details at the pool at the hotel – scenic, slides, fancy drinks, floating in the water, etc.Disneyland Book-15 The traditional photo in front of the castle. Harry finally was tall enough on this trip to ride “Indiana Jones”.Disneyland Book-16 Harry tried to teach me how to cross my eyes at the Rainforest Cafe and then we just had to stop at the Lego Store.Disneyland Book-17 Another Space Mountain ride shot and the Astroblasters ( I love that you can e-mail it to yourself).Disneyland Book-18 Playing at the pool some more. Disneyland Book-19 Shots with the Cars characters and still not tall enough for California Screamin’.Disneyland Book-20 This trip we bought a book “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickey’s”. There is also an app of the same name. We found several but we could probably spend a lifetime finding them all. These were some of our favorites.Disneyland Book-21 No trip is complete without an animation class. Love watching Harry learn to draw and through the years he keeps getting better.Disneyland Book-22 Love the photo bomb as we were making our exit. After the trip Harry, was writing a journal, I scanned his journal page and included his version of the trip.Disneyland Book-23 More of Harry’s highlights. It is always fun to get everybody’s “favorite” part of the trip and include a little journaling about it.Disneyland Book-24 And the back cover.Disneyland Book-26

Have a magical day!