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Disneyland Book-25Disneyland is an annual trip for us, it is our happy place as a family where we let go of electronics, work and focus on being present, laughing and enjoying each other. My goal is to make a photo book every year to celebrate these trips.

Here are some of things I make sure to capture in photos while at Disneyland:

  • The hotel room
  • My child’s excitement in line
  • If I can, the look on my child’s face during the ride ( ex. Small World)
  • “Selfies” throughout the day
  • My child wearing ears – the ultimate essence of Disneyland
  • My child participating in a show (ex. Jedi Training)
  • Characters
  • Playing with a new toy
  • I always buy the photos of us on a ride
  • Details of the Disneyparks (castle, small world ride, the Walt/ Mickey statue)
  • “Selfies” with 3d glasses
  • Scores on rides (Toy Story Mania, Astroblasters)
  • Scenic shots at night with lights (castle, ferris wheel at California Adventure)
  • Playing in the hotel room at night
  • Playing in the character’s houses in Toontown
  • Accomplishing tasks ( ex. at the Redwood Creek Wilderness Explorer Camp at California Adventure)
  • Playing at the pool
  • Traditional photos in front of the castle
  • My child being just tall enough or not tall enough for a ride
  • Eating meals and meal signs
  • Balloons
  • Mickey shaped food
  • Parades
  • Fireworks

I also make sure to scan or photograph the following:

  • Certificates (Jedi Training)
  • Drawings ( Animation Classes)
  • Receipts
  • My child’s writings about the trip

For this series of books, Blurb was the photo book printer of choice. A “10 x 8 standard landscape” using “standard paper” with the “hardcover image wrap”.

This book I organized chronologically. I usually chose two fonts for my photo books – one for titles and one for the journaling. Any more fonts and it gets too busy. I knew I would be doing a series of these books, so I splurged and bought the Kingdom font for titles and downloaded the Glasket medium font (free) for the journaling. I used Blurb’s simple layouts with a little adaptation here and there and white pages as a base.

Here is sampling of pages from our Disneyland “Summer 2011” photo book:

Capturing the Hotel RoomDisneyland Book-1 Harry’s favorite ride – Star Tours and him trying on Mickey R2D2 earsDisneyland Book-2 Jedi Training and the battleDisneyland Book-3I also scanned the Jedi Training certificate.Disneyland Book-4

The lightsaber he bought and characters in Tomorrowland.Disneyland Book-5 A selfie and the Spacemountain ride.Disneyland Book-6 A scenic shot at night, a “selfie” with 3d glasses and Toy Story Mania scores.Disneyland Book-7 The Build-a-Bear experience.Disneyland Book-8 Meet “Disney” ( I know not very original, but he’ll always know where it came from). Harry’s new Build-a-Bear.Disneyland Book-9 The hotel room at night, playing light sabers with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-10 Character lovin’.Disneyland Book-11 Enjoying Minnie’s house with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-12 Harry trying to accomplish all the goals to be an official “Wilderness Explorer”.Disneyland Book-13 Harry kept enjoying the fact the “Disney” was a camoflauged bear so he would stick it next to anything green and ask ” Mom, can you find Disney?”Disneyland Book-14 All the details at the pool at the hotel – scenic, slides, fancy drinks, floating in the water, etc.Disneyland Book-15 The traditional photo in front of the castle. Harry finally was tall enough on this trip to ride “Indiana Jones”.Disneyland Book-16 Harry tried to teach me how to cross my eyes at the Rainforest Cafe and then we just had to stop at the Lego Store.Disneyland Book-17 Another Space Mountain ride shot and the Astroblasters ( I love that you can e-mail it to yourself).Disneyland Book-18 Playing at the pool some more. Disneyland Book-19 Shots with the Cars characters and still not tall enough for California Screamin’.Disneyland Book-20 This trip we bought a book “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickey’s”. There is also an app of the same name. We found several but we could probably spend a lifetime finding them all. These were some of our favorites.Disneyland Book-21 No trip is complete without an animation class. Love watching Harry learn to draw and through the years he keeps getting better.Disneyland Book-22 Love the photo bomb as we were making our exit. After the trip Harry, was writing a journal, I scanned his journal page and included his version of the trip.Disneyland Book-23 More of Harry’s highlights. It is always fun to get everybody’s “favorite” part of the trip and include a little journaling about it.Disneyland Book-24 And the back cover.Disneyland Book-26

Have a magical day!


4 thoughts on “a disneyland photobook

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  2. This is the best photo book. Ever. I absolutely love how you scanned the certificate and Harry’s journal pages. Looking through your book, I just relived trips to Disney World with my little guy! Memories are precious, thank you for a peek into yours. °O°

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