project life/365 – 1

A week in photos….

My long, stretchy cat who twists in ways I didn’t know possible.Image

He chalks his face in every art class. He says he is like a “Creeper” from Minecraft but I don’t think I understand.Image

Finishing Artemis Fowl. ( a self-timer shot)Project Life-3

The Pokemon XY pre-release tournament.Project Life-4

Jumping on a beautiful day. I can’t resist a jumping shot.Project Life-5

Playing with negative space during a sunny day with blue skies.Project Life-6

Can you believe the craziness of night swimming on a January day?Project Life-7

There can never be enough Calvin and Hobbes!Project Life-8

The Scream – Otter version. hmm….Project Life-9

Working on another creation.Project Life-10

He is such an easy kid but when it comes to haircuts he is a nightmare, but it was time to suffer because I really wanted to see his eyes again.Project Life-11

Happy Friday!


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