it’s all in the details

There is something about the details that really conveys a story. This is the story of the loved, furry ones that are always at our side, those little details that make them unique. My cats have these quirks and funny stories to tell and I wanted to capture their essence.

I used a 105mm lens to capture these details. A collage seemed the easiest way to put the details together and I am thinking I will have these printed and framed.


Syberia Close-Ups1

  • If you look really closely she has these slight brown spots near her iris.
  • She has one dark front paw and one beige front paw. (It gives her a dainty touch.)
  • The very tip of her tail is beige too.
  • She loves to drink water from the sink and always ends up with a wet head.
  • There are tiny brown spots on the pad of her brown paw.


Raja Close-Ups1

  • He has black whiskers that ombre into white whiskers.
  • He has an inordinately large amount of fur between his paws. (He definitely leads the plush life.)
  • When he is really happy, he drools.
  • Even though he looks very white/grey as a whole, when you see his tail, there is huge contrast with a very dark colored edge. (He seems sweet and innocent but he has a dark side.)



  • There is this crazy long tuft of fur on the very top of his ear.
  • He has piercing green eyes.
  • Only his belly has the sweetest, curly fur.
  • His whiskers are crazy long. (He is the gentle giant.)

By the way, taking photos of cats is just as hard, if not harder, than taking photos of a toddler in action.


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