project life/365 – week 15

And another week goes by….

We celebrated Arbor Day by planting a tree in our town.Week 15-1

At our designated area we started the digging.Week 15-7

And kept digging. Week 15-2

A giant rootball thwarted our efforts, leaving us with a twisted shovel (which I forgot to take a photo of.) After walking back, trading out shovels and moving our spot a bit, we started again.Week 15-8

Sucess (finally). Here is the newly planted Hong Kong Orchid tree.Week 15-4

The Hong Kong Orchid has these gorgeous flowers.Week 15-3

Found this funny sign on our walk around town.Week 15-5

Dragon origami.Week 15-6

Chess club.Week 15-13

Raja lovin’.Week 15-11

A surprise early Mother’s Day celebration. (Patrick forgot the last 3 years so he had a little making up to do.)Week 15-12

Hope you are having fabulous week!


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