project life/365 – week 14

We love book fairs – lots and lots of books !!! This was one of several piles! Yikes!Week 14-8

These ridiculously fun creatures are part of our annual Flower Show.Week 14-2 Week 14-13 Week 14-14

One of our scores at the book fair was 139 episodes of MacGyver for $8. We spent the weekend binge watching MacGyver!Week 14-6

Their is a certain fascination with our cart escalator at Target. Week 14-15

“Holy Unanticipated Occurances.”Week 14-10

The boys wrestling.Week 14-16

And Raja.Week 14-11

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


1 thought on “project life/365 – week 14

  1. How big is your target that you have an escalator?!?!?! Looking forward to seeing Harry try out some MacGyver mooves!

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