project life/365 – 2

A week in photos:

My boys snuggling while watching an Alaskan wilderness survival show.project life 2-21  Harry lovin’ on Moomba while Moomba wonders when its ever going to end.project life 2-20Harry is really into origami. This was his first get together with the origami society. He started with a dragon and a whale.project life 2-23 I guess he proved himself because “the guy” ( the one who has written lots of origami books and is quite the expert) decided Harry was worthy and taught him how to make a cool tessellated inspired box top. And I learned a new word “tessellated”.project life 2-22 And here is the end result. That is some serious origami.project life 2-8 Fort Day. Harry tore apart the living room to make his pirate ship, sails, ships wheel and all.project life 2-18 A clay dragon.project life 2-9 Raja sunning himself.project life 2-16 After weeks of begging for lasagna, it finally arrived. Now Harry could be just like Garfield.project life 2-2 This little gem of rock art was found on a walk. It made my day.project life 2-6 Harry randomly touched something on the iPad and it froze. He was heartbroken thinking he had ruined it forever. The iPad is fine, but this note is priceless.project life 2-28Raja can’t resist a box.project life 2-3  It’s a “Lovey Party” – all the “friends” come out, we bring soft blankets and make sugar cookies.project life 2-30 Shopping for Valentines at Target.project life 2-32 Bought paints for a big project and couldn’t resist a little photo shoot.  All the pretty colors just make me smile. project life 2-34

Happy Friday!!!


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