project life/365

Fridays, I thought I would share my photos from the past week. I have been taking photos of my family and our lives every day for the past 4 years. Capturing the little moments, the big adventures, the details, the emotions, the stories, all of it. There is nothing like it.

A 1500 Van Gogh puzzle from Christmas that is still in progress.Week 3-1

Miniature golf in Storybook Land.Week 3-3 Week 3-2

My cat staring longingly at the new printer he wants to play with (which is probably why the last printer broke.)Week 3-4

Another incredible sunset.Week 3-5

We finally got a chance to play Qwirkle – a gift from Santa and we can’t get enough. What a great strategy game.Week 3-6

Two of my cats acting incredibly demanding  and not letting me get a thing accomplished.Week 3-7

My boys on the way home from breakfast.Heading Back from Breakfast-1

My son has been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes for quite a while. He saw a segment on the CBS Sunday Morning Show and decided a trip to the library to get Hound of the Baskervilles was a must and I certainly won’t deny my son a trip to the library. He even got to find his book in the adult section.Week 3-8 Week 3-9 Week 3-10

A playdate with his friend. They are building Harry Potter legos and creating stop action films.Week 3-11

My sweet baby girl kitty.Week 3-12

Picked my son up from school with this rainbow loom creation in process. I guess he snuck a baggie full of bands out of the house in the morning. (Good thing the school got a grant for separate forks and spoons because this probably wouldn’t have happened with sporks.)Week 3-13

His first lesson in perspective, using horizon and depth. Please notice the sun setting on the water, over the dome that protects those entering Poseidon’s castle.Week 3-14

Happy Friday!


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