photography of collections

My son wanted to write a post on his blog about collections. Yes, my nine-year-old has a blog and I help him by taking most of the photos. You can see it here:

So, it got me thinking how am I going to photograph these objects that mean a lot to him and make his story even a little bit exciting. After looking at the objects, some interesting ideas took shape.

Making a pattern.


Lining up items and then changing direction.


Using a focal point.


Placing objects on the diagonal.


Instead of lining everything up in boring lines, we switched it up and my son’s story took on a new life. I am excited to keep experimenting with ways to photograph “stuff”.


3 thoughts on “photography of collections

  1. What a SUPER GOOD idea…Maybe I could do a cool shot of some of my scrapbooking supplies and share why I love to scrap!? Or Christmas decorations that have stories!? Or Evalie’s favourite toys?! OR…. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

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