project life/365 – 4

And another week goes by…

Here we are modeling Harry’s valentines he chose for his class- “Wacky Glasses”.  project life 4-1

The goofy version. (self-timer)project life 4-2

This was the envelope from my son’s valentine to me. Get it Mom “Rocks” and all the different type of rocks? It made me laugh!project life 4-20

An 80 degree beach day in mid-February = crazy!!!!!project life 4-10

Instead of snowballs, they made “sand balls.”project life 4-5 And had a sand ball fight!!!project life 4-4 project life 4-8

Jumping over waves.project life 4-12

Playing at the parkproject life 4-17

The boys wrestling.project life 4-18

Painting.project life 4-19 A project I am working on.project life 4-23

Our family is a little obsessed with the Rubics cube.project life 4-30project life 4-21 And then I caught my husband cheating.project life 4-22

Eating shabu shabu for the first time at home. (We bought the cooker 4 years ago  – it’s about time.)project life 4-24

Meet “Uni-Bunny”.project life 4-31

On that note, have a great weekend!


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