project life/365 – 3

Happy Valentine’s DayProject Life 3-38

On to the week in photos:

A bike ride.Project Life 3-1 Everything is awesome!Project Life 3-2 A fun shot of our vintage theater.Project Life 3-3 Jacuzzi time.Project Life 3-4 A trip to the tide pools.Project Life 3-13 Project Life 3-9 ” Mom, it’s a hermit crab.”Project Life 3-7 Project Life 3-12  “New Hermy City” ( because of all the hermit crabs)Project Life 3-14 Climbing and exploring.Project Life 3-15 Project Life 3-16 Harry is holding the tiniest starfish.Project Life 3-17 The tiniest starfish hanging with his new friend hermit crab.Project Life 3-21 Us together. (Hubby took the shot.)Project Life 3-18 Harry imitating a hermit crab. Weird!Project Life 3-19 A cool little cave.Project Life 3-20  Off to an engineering class. Harry built a hyrdrobot.Project Life 3-24 Showing Dad how it works.Project Life 3-25  Patrick left me a little note to start my day. Project Life 3-27 Working at Starbucks.Project Life 3-29 Being silly at Starbucks.Project Life 3-28 Building paper airplanes at school.Project Life 3-31 The competition. (It seems Dad’s won).Project Life 3-30 Looking through a giant telescope. You could see Jupiter and four of its moons.Project Life 3-37

Have great President’s Day Weekend!!


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