a year in a jar

Year End Notes Jar-19

Last January, I set up a jar, scraps of paper and pen in the kitchen in hopes of documenting a years worth of memories. I sat it right in the middle of the kitchen, so my family couldn’t miss it. The idea was to write down milestones, trips, fun stuff or anything we wanted, that happened in 2013. Sometimes we were diligent and sometimes we were slackers. But the ultimate reward, was opening all those notes in the beginning of this year. There were milestones – new karate belts, turning 50 and so much more. There were also funny ones that made us laugh out loud – “Daniella thought Harry was cute” or “Mom learned to ski. She was very slow.” I really didn’t know how this project would turn out but it was such a reward at the end of the year and of course the responses like ” I can’t believe all that happened in one year” gave it quite the “wow” factor. This was a great project with minimal effort.

Year End Notes Jar-15


1 thought on “a year in a jar

  1. I absolutely love this idea Mary! Do you think it counts if I start in July? Who cares!!! I am totally doing it!

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