project Life/ 365 – 10 (part one)

We were lucky enough to spend spring break in Costa Rica with Adventures by Disney so I have A LOT of photos.

We had the day free in San Jose, Costa Rica so we decided to check out the kids museum (Museo del Los Ninos). Here we are trying on traditional storytelling masks.Costa Rica-14 Like we don’t have enough earthquakes, let’s try an earthquake simulator.Costa Rica-13 My husband as a bug.Costa Rica-10 Dancing away in the disco room.Costa Rica-12 Costa Rica-4 Working on my flossing techniques.Costa Rica-9 Harry is a little obsessed with all things teeth.Costa Rica-7Playing on a giant chess board. Costa Rica-6 and of course the museum ends at the candy.Costa Rica-1 A really cool art piece outside the National Museum.Costa Rica-2 This building just makes me happy.Costa Rica-11 The artisan market.Costa Rica-15 Costa Rica-5 Just being silly.Costa Rica-16


More to come……

colored design

hawaii book-1

With a trip to Hawaii, I wanted to capture, the bright colored flowers, the vibrance of the blue sky and the festive feel so this book was about color. This book measures 8.75 x 11.25 landscape, lay flat pages by My Publisher. The quality of the book and photos is outstanding. I created my pages in Adobe Photoshop using digital patterned paper with color overlays. Each page included a simple tropical border and Ali’s Hand font. Since the pages were bright, if the photos were not full page or very large, I used a black border around the smaller photos to help them stand out on the page.

A little tip: I often pick up artistic postcards on trips and use them for covers or page decoration.

Here are some of the pages from our Hawaii 2011 book:

Title page – Location and dates.hawaii book-2 The rent-a-car and arriving at the hotel.hawaii book-3  The view from the room and an activity at the hotel.hawaii book-5 Details.hawaii book-6 Water slides and snorkeling.hawaii book-7 Jacuzzi and antics in the hotel room.hawaii book-8 A new outfit.hawaii book-9 A selfie.hawaii book-10 A loose tooth and stopping at Starbucks.hawaii book-11 Details at the USS Bowfin museum.hawaii book-12 The USS Arizona Memorial.hawaii book-13 A scenic shot and thoughts about witnessing this piece of history.hawaii book-14 A Luau.hawaii book-15 More details.hawaii book-16 Dancing at the luau.hawaii book-17 Learning the hula and fire dancing.hawaii book-18 Breakfast.hawaii book-19 Paddleboarding.hawaii book-20 Enjoying the beach.hawaii book-21 Playing.hawaii book-22 More playing.hawaii book-23 He lost his first tooth.hawaii book-24 Thanksgiving dinner.hawaii book-25 Hawaiian crafts.hawaii book-26 The Nui (a little luau).hawaii book-27 Visiting the North Shore.hawaii book-28 Lunch and stories.hawaii book-29 Iconic images of the North Shore.hawaii book-30 Another sunset and details.hawaii book-31 The Art.hawaii book-32 Swimming.hawaii book-33 Leaving and heading home.hawaii book-34 A collage of all the paraphernalia – tickets, map, postcards, certificates, wristbands, brochures, receipts, etc.hawaii book-35

Don’t be afraid to use color, but I did find that the pages with a bit more muted tones worked much better than some of the bright, over powering colors.

a disneyland photobook

Disneyland Book-25Disneyland is an annual trip for us, it is our happy place as a family where we let go of electronics, work and focus on being present, laughing and enjoying each other. My goal is to make a photo book every year to celebrate these trips.

Here are some of things I make sure to capture in photos while at Disneyland:

  • The hotel room
  • My child’s excitement in line
  • If I can, the look on my child’s face during the ride ( ex. Small World)
  • “Selfies” throughout the day
  • My child wearing ears – the ultimate essence of Disneyland
  • My child participating in a show (ex. Jedi Training)
  • Characters
  • Playing with a new toy
  • I always buy the photos of us on a ride
  • Details of the Disneyparks (castle, small world ride, the Walt/ Mickey statue)
  • “Selfies” with 3d glasses
  • Scores on rides (Toy Story Mania, Astroblasters)
  • Scenic shots at night with lights (castle, ferris wheel at California Adventure)
  • Playing in the hotel room at night
  • Playing in the character’s houses in Toontown
  • Accomplishing tasks ( ex. at the Redwood Creek Wilderness Explorer Camp at California Adventure)
  • Playing at the pool
  • Traditional photos in front of the castle
  • My child being just tall enough or not tall enough for a ride
  • Eating meals and meal signs
  • Balloons
  • Mickey shaped food
  • Parades
  • Fireworks

I also make sure to scan or photograph the following:

  • Certificates (Jedi Training)
  • Drawings ( Animation Classes)
  • Receipts
  • My child’s writings about the trip

For this series of books, Blurb was the photo book printer of choice. A “10 x 8 standard landscape” using “standard paper” with the “hardcover image wrap”.

This book I organized chronologically. I usually chose two fonts for my photo books – one for titles and one for the journaling. Any more fonts and it gets too busy. I knew I would be doing a series of these books, so I splurged and bought the Kingdom font for titles and downloaded the Glasket medium font (free) for the journaling. I used Blurb’s simple layouts with a little adaptation here and there and white pages as a base.

Here is sampling of pages from our Disneyland “Summer 2011” photo book:

Capturing the Hotel RoomDisneyland Book-1 Harry’s favorite ride – Star Tours and him trying on Mickey R2D2 earsDisneyland Book-2 Jedi Training and the battleDisneyland Book-3I also scanned the Jedi Training certificate.Disneyland Book-4

The lightsaber he bought and characters in Tomorrowland.Disneyland Book-5 A selfie and the Spacemountain ride.Disneyland Book-6 A scenic shot at night, a “selfie” with 3d glasses and Toy Story Mania scores.Disneyland Book-7 The Build-a-Bear experience.Disneyland Book-8 Meet “Disney” ( I know not very original, but he’ll always know where it came from). Harry’s new Build-a-Bear.Disneyland Book-9 The hotel room at night, playing light sabers with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-10 Character lovin’.Disneyland Book-11 Enjoying Minnie’s house with “Disney”.Disneyland Book-12 Harry trying to accomplish all the goals to be an official “Wilderness Explorer”.Disneyland Book-13 Harry kept enjoying the fact the “Disney” was a camoflauged bear so he would stick it next to anything green and ask ” Mom, can you find Disney?”Disneyland Book-14 All the details at the pool at the hotel – scenic, slides, fancy drinks, floating in the water, etc.Disneyland Book-15 The traditional photo in front of the castle. Harry finally was tall enough on this trip to ride “Indiana Jones”.Disneyland Book-16 Harry tried to teach me how to cross my eyes at the Rainforest Cafe and then we just had to stop at the Lego Store.Disneyland Book-17 Another Space Mountain ride shot and the Astroblasters ( I love that you can e-mail it to yourself).Disneyland Book-18 Playing at the pool some more. Disneyland Book-19 Shots with the Cars characters and still not tall enough for California Screamin’.Disneyland Book-20 This trip we bought a book “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickey’s”. There is also an app of the same name. We found several but we could probably spend a lifetime finding them all. These were some of our favorites.Disneyland Book-21 No trip is complete without an animation class. Love watching Harry learn to draw and through the years he keeps getting better.Disneyland Book-22 Love the photo bomb as we were making our exit. After the trip Harry, was writing a journal, I scanned his journal page and included his version of the trip.Disneyland Book-23 More of Harry’s highlights. It is always fun to get everybody’s “favorite” part of the trip and include a little journaling about it.Disneyland Book-24 And the back cover.Disneyland Book-26

Have a magical day!